Caribbean Bauxite Company Case study

Angina Dairywoman’s Isabella Margining NurfitrianiHapsariRika Fitzpatrick Saputo 2. John Baker, chief engineer of the Caribbean Bauxite Company was promoted to production manager of fast-expanding Canadian enterprise. His final task is the assessment interview with the successor, Matthew Rentals, the able young Barracking. Final interview didn’t have a success. Rentals asked to accept his letter as a resignation. There was a miscommunication teen John Baker and Matthew Rentals When John Baker interviewed Rentals, as the candidate of the new Chef Engineer, Rentals thought that Baker try to insult him by saying that the western people already has more experience in the business than the Barracking, when in fact, Baker Just want to show his appreciation toward Rentals 3. Different culture between European and barracking, there is some racialism.

Even though he knows rentals background Rentals is sensitive to political, racial, and equality issues Baker always emphasized that European employees have more experiences 4. Invite him back to the company and apologize to him. Advantages: The company wouldn’t lose a potential worker. Disadvantages: His racial conflicts with the stuff. 5. Find someone to replace Rental’s position. Advantages: Taking a Barracking substitute for the place. It may solve the problem of Rental’s stuff rudeness.

Disadvantages: Rentals has a good political influence throw his father, the company may have difficulties with Barracking overspent. 6. Throw Rental’s close friend to talk with him understand him to comeback to the company. Advantages: Rentals is a really good worker. He knows all aspects of his Job very well. Disadvantages: He may become irritated because of everybody trying to persuade him to return to the company 7. To find out what is the problem about. To explain that their further cooperation is not possible. To give Rentals some time to think before writing his official resignation.


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