Case study of agri tech company

Agric-Tech Products Company is a firm that specializes In the production and marketing of agricultural-based products. It normally enters into royalty agreements with Inventors or scientists for new products developed by them. This company was approached by Dry. Ornate Amalgam to produce and market the Rapider a solo treatment In pellet form which increases the growth rates of two- three species commonly used in reforestation in Asian countries by 30-70 percent in a span of 6-18 months.

The product direct cost is estimated at POP.

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288 per tablet. And if this product will be out in the market, Dry. Amalgam estimated that the foreign market of Rapider is to be about 1. 5 million hectares per year 93% of which is for Indonesia and the rest for Thailand and Malaysia. POINT OF VIEW The top management of the Agric-Tech Products Company is in the position to make the final decision If they are going to accept the proposal of Dry.

Make a rational decision whether it can benefit the company or not Advantages Disadvantages To avoid the mistake that can cause of You can hurt the feelings of Dry. Amalgam losing the company for not accepting his proposal in the very first thing II. Before releasing it in the market, test and identify it by yourself if it’s really effective Advantages To prevent from regretting your decision from accepting the proposal additional cost to be spend To have also the proof while producing marketing Ill.

Hired a legal consultant to ask some advice and suggestions it to the people So that your decision is precise if not Dilettantes Additional salary cost for the might right consultant You can seek for advice to avoid the mistakes that can result to bankruptcy Conduct some experiment or test before producing and marketing it to the market o that in that way you can say that it is effective when you’re going to market it already, you can attract potential buyers.

Hiring a consultant is the second option if the first option in the alternative course of action did not work because by hiring adviser can help you to decide for the better for your company to avoid loses. PLAN OF ACTION Activity Person/Unit Responsible Time frame Job interview for the applying Top manager 1-2 weeks Conducting of the test Owner/Top manager 2-3 weeks Make a research about the product Owner/managers 1-3 weeks