Architect of high – tech IT project Case Study

Excellence – the luxury clothing retailer invested millions of dollars on IT project for its new $ASS 40 million futuristic “centered” flagship store opened in New York. With such huge investment company needs to generate $ASS million sales by 2017, roughly three times the sales of old store at the same site, to reach at breakable point. Roomy Hollows, the architect of high – tech IT project although delivered state of the art technology for radically new shopping experience, but the subtle infrastructure failed to deliver value to the customers.

Problems associated with the store are; Fickle fitting rooms – shoppers often gets confused by doors that turn from clear to opaque and fail to open on cue, Failed RIFF – customers unable to use touch screen RIFF ‘closets’ as they often Just go blank when items are placed on them, Pointless Pads – sales staff is not making proper use of Pads provided to them to check inventory, Neglected network – disintegration between sales and inventory systems making wireless network useless.

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Company used its 25% of store budget onto IT including RFC tags and real time Oracle Inventory database management system. Inspire of lavish spending in IT infrastructure and experienced staff most of IT functions are being ignored, e. G. Pads provided to staff are not being used, automated dressing room doors are not functioning properly, RIFF-aware racks are not integrated properly with the system.

Customers also facing difficulty to get acquitted with this flashy technology.

As a result company’s debt increased to $ASS 1 lion by late 2011 and plans of next San Francisco ‘centered’ store is cuttingly on hold. Though Tokyo store is currently doing well and acclaimed by the management. This paper will throw light on problems experienced by centered project, its causes and appropriate solution for persisting problems. Main body of this report will discuss about causes of problems and its solution, which further will be summarize in conclusion section.

Finally recommendations section will talk about what should be done to make centered project a success.