Between High-Tech and Media Change

Introduction Research objectives, the objective of this research is to evaluate how news production companies are using newer technologies and equipment to reach audiences with rapidly changing behavior related to the viewer ship and readership of news.

The research will have an approach on culture and terminologies that will help in the research analysis. It will also be inclined in disseminating presentations that will be gotten from various books and stories giving finer analysis of the research. In research analysis, websites of different companies will be analyzed and described to evaluate how these companies have integrated technologies pertaining to the compatibility of the content they publish and identify the similarities and differences in the way the content is presented to the users of iPad. The research focuses on the behaviors and preferences of the readers therefore, prone feasible research to be done towards this. Therefore, by use of questionnaire, Data was obtained by interviewing five journalists working for the selected five newspaper companies and interview five iPad users.

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Structure for research results, this first paper discusses the effects of high-tech media change on modern news production (from Apple iPad case). The discussion of the research will ensure that it establish the reason as to why readers has opted online media to print media. This paper also examines how the newer technologies and equipment to reach audiences with rapidly changing behavior related to the viewership and readership of news. For this purpose, the present study will make an in-depth evaluation of five major newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, U.S.

A today, the New York Times, the Australian, and The Times. Websites of these companies will be analyzed and described to evaluate how these companies have integrated technologies pertaining to the compatibility of the content they publish and identify the similarities and differences in the way the content is presented to the users of iPad. How news production companies are using newer technologies and equipment to reach audiences with rapidly changing behavior related to the viewer-ship and readership of news. The widespread availability of the Internet play a big role in determining how the Americans are reading the news article, most of the audiences are reading more news online instead of the traditional print newspapers. The Internet is the most convenient, faster, and allows the users to multitask.

Roughly, most people go online to read the news. Statistically, this is a habit that that has been an increase of recent soon especially in Americans where people get online roughly 8-9 hours per week. With the increase in the use of the Internet, most people do not have to search deliberately for news; instead, it automatically comes to them. It was found out that by spending more time online, the Internet users are exposed to more news sites. It is assumed that a speedier Internet should lead the users to spending less time online.

Surfing online has turned to be so rampant to many internet users. It has turned to be the most informative site where most of the people are able to access information that they require either work based or educative one. Broadband emergence has however made substantial increase in time spent online. To ensure that the society retains it productivity and competitiveness in the current dynamic world, broadband connection has turned to be paramount. This enables multitasking at all level regardless of the place that one is in. This ensures that youth who are the most ambitious to feel free in their multitasking behaviors such as listening music, online chanting among others.

Many traditional news media has already gone on-line such as trade magazines (PC Week; PC Magazine); other magazines like HotWired and Time; Literally there are hundreds of traditional news media sources available on the Internet. The consumers with direct Web access are still on a rapid growth. To explore the questions on the newspaper usage, People are still interested in reading, but they are more selective. The young generations want to read things that cater to their own needs and interests. The Online database service like the Power Cast has placed its target for these individuals.

The online media companies updates its websites at small intervals of minutes, so as to make sure that the reader would get the latest version of what’s-going-on; the status of the stock-exchange also enables the stock-holders to make the best decision at the best time. Online news has made it possible for the internet users to be updated. For example, it is very important for those who want to be at par with current affairs to b online in most of the time. It is interesting to note that the in-depth evaluation of five major newspapers including the wall street journal, USA today, the New York times, The Australian, and Time, revealed that they all follow trends in advertising that involve both non-traditional media; and those which do involve using more traditional media do so in very unique ways. Analysis of the websites of the companies and the content they publish and Present to the users of the iPad. Multimedia features, which lacks in print newspapers, forms a significant feature of all the websites, this might be the reason why readers go online for the news.

Online has made it possible for video and video clips to be available about an episode that has happened in any part of the globe. This ensures that people are able to get what is happening by being participated fully. Therefore, this arouse the feelings associated with a particular moment, these qualities humanize the story, affecting the reader more emotionally. Watching news videos and listening to audio clips on the website are much easier tasks as compared to reading many texts. Multimedia stories appear much more exciting as compared to seemingly bland, often text-heavy print stories.

Online media provides interactive visual media stories that enhance the listener’s compatibility in following events while learning facts at the same time. The Multimedia supplements and improves already complete stories; the newspaper companies are available through the Internet. The searchability and customizability of the websites attracts many people to explore online for fun and for the business Through iPad internet connection, a more pronounced interaction is put in place. This makes it be more competitive than print media. These features are very attractive to young generation.

This is through making them to participate actively in the interviews and asking questions online rather than accepting news as the media deliver them to them. For the print newspapers, the only interactivity way that the readers would have in the printed media is through letter writing. This is a very tedious job compared to the online response that is fast and direct feedback through electronic transmission. The letter writing has several demerits where it can be defaced in the transportation process and chances of being printed on the media materials are minimal.Comparison between the iPad and website publications to identify any changes that are made to attract the younger audiences. The rise of instant communication technologies has been made possible through use of the internet services, such as email, short messages “Text”, and IM and new media used through websites like Youtube and social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, explain the reputation that the iPad is somehow popular in the facilitation of communication through technology. In addition to the standard devices like the iPad , which offers features such as the built-in Wi-Fi for accessing the Web and the social media, a virtual calendar and the messaging device, the iPad users can watch the videos, get weather reports, check news headlines, text message and listen to the favorite Internet radio station. The online editors make use of colors to lure their audience, examining the current color trends on the websites of the five media companies’ shows popular shades that are used in the communications. The choice of color is important in determining the message to the audience.

The Color of the website page and the aspect ratio of the iPad is the first thing that attracts the audience and it determines the overall tone of a news article. It helps in the facilitation of the message and creation of the stimulating visual that catches the attention. This is because much of human reaction to color is subliminal In the analysis of the five collected newspaper companies during five days to investigate their content, presentation, images, headlines, advertising, target audiences. What neither the New York Times nor the Wall Street Journal article explained is that attracting young audience is harder than older audiences. The Newscasts tend to attract older audiences, which are a serious deficiency in an industry that is dedicated to the single-minded of the pursuit for the young adults.

The Television news producers, both national and local, keeps on lightening of the content of their newscasts, by filling them with the titillating tabloid items about the crime scenes, celebrities gossips, the international affairs and major public issues. The Advertisement on the web content incorporates the innovative and new ways of delivering the adverts, all the articles ffrom the single-advertiser issues of magazines to the adverts with microchips that are embedded in them allowing for sound. Companies are looking outside of the traditional marketing communication agencies because of the changes in media. Interview Interviewer: Have USA Today used iPad in their work, and if yes, how has it been of help? USA Today respondent: iPad has been one of the most recent technologies that we upheld with great esteem. It has helped us to update our national news every time on the iPad ensuring that people are kept informed on all the things that are happening across the globe. We ensure that our content is precise and enjoyable.

We make presentation conspicuous and headline brief to ensure that we cater for all our targeted audience especially the youth. USA today have made it possible to check latest news sport, current weather condition and five days in advance according to the place one is in through USA Today News by use of iPad technology. It has made it possible to review and rate programs through our site as well as downloading different applications. We have used it to ensure that the audience can access current market condition including market index and creating ‘My Stock’ page to ensure daily updates. Playing puzzle has also been made possible as well as sharing favorite’s images across the interactive wall.

Interviewer: How has iPad been of help to New York Times? New York times respondent: By use of iTunes, New York Times has made it possible to enhance its application of iPad in its presentation of the news, increasing the quality of the images and advertisement online. We are able to connect well with audience using iPad and it has ensured that we have twenty five Times sections. It has ensured that we have incorporated science, arts technology, and politics among others in each specific section. This makes it easy for the audience to access their sites due to this good presentation. To ensure that we entice our customers, we have placed four sections that are accessed once one has signed up for our site. Other sections can be accessed through following our blog site Interviewer: How can wall street journal compare the latest iPad technology with the earlier technology they have been using? The Wall Street journals respondent: by use of thus technology, we have been able to use this technology to blend print media online better that we have been doing earlier. It has been also possible to get news update easily, market data as well as downloading once favorite sites and articles for easy accessibility. It has made us to ensure our audience registers on 877-WSJ-IPAD, which makes them get update coverage, market data, slide shows and videos, which initially was not there. Otherwise, the technology requires a massive investment and we are hoping that the apple company will lower iPad price to ensure accessibility.Interviewer: Do The Times use iPad technology? The Times respondent: Absolutely.

Interviewer: which part can you advocate iPad technology to be used mostly for competitiveness especially in newspaper? The Times respondent: To ensure that there are good competitiveness in the market iPad can be used in data presentation and content separation. In addition, it can be used very well with video and images presentation. In advertisement, market data presentation and entertainment. Interviewer: what are challenges that you get by using Ipad as a source of information? The Australian newspaper respondent: the technology is expensive and thus needs a massive investment. Lack of technology to remote places is also another challenge as some are not able to get the service as compared to the print media. Lack of education to some audiences, power failure, poor infrastructure to our target customers are among the challenges that we have been experiencing in assimilation of the technology.

Conclusion There is no doubt that the digital technologies will have the profound effects on the way our discourse is conducted and suggests the emergence of a new regime of discourse. It is important that we do not lose sight of the point that since the technology itself is changing rapidly and unpredictably, and then its application in the media is exposed to modifications. Those who tend to think of it as being deterministic should still be quite doubtful in their attempts to trying to predict what forms it will wind up taking or what are its cultural consequences.