Punjab Engineering College Case Study

Mr.. Shantung recently passed his B.

Tech from Punjab Engineering College in computer science. Just as a part of his internship training he Joined this company. Although he was technically sound, on his part he could make the best of what he could do for the company. He was selected for the position of project trainee in a domain meant for hardware testing. During the entire tenure of 6 months of his internship technically he learned a lot.

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Initially he was being appointed to simulate the circuit diagrams & review the wires, cables in case of any disorder. He was very good at performing tasks.

Though he was a fresher he could mend circuits and verify it better than any other person in his team. Soon Nothing span of 2 months he was given the in charge of the project that dealt with procurement & reviewing the electronic items. Being a fresher it was like a prestigious reward for him to be given a responsible task that was Just new to his field of work. It gave him much courage & also motivated him to perform his tasks in a more productive way.

As per one of his team member Satiate Curran, ‘Shantung was very talented ; technically expert.

Once you provide him with the objective, he does that task before the stipulated time with perfection. There is no need of any mentor or supervisor to guide him all the time. He knew his work, deadlines ; how to make things done” While he was undergoing his new project he could found some flaws in the inventory management system for procurement. He Nortek for about a fortnight and could come up with a solution to optimize the inventory management system using software’s which reduced the whole procurement project life cycle time by 23%.

It was a huge achievement and an abnormal gain that no one can ever estimate.

Soon his model of inventory system Nas being adopted by other teams & implemented. His manager rewarded him for his extreme innovation at his work. Shantung got more priority over other trainees. He also got opportunity to interact with clients overseas. Shantung’s instant innovation made him to be a lime light in his team. However he could notice that some of his senior team members were not happy with his manager’s decision.

He could realize that his dynamism & progress were taken as a threat to the position & prestige of other team members because he was Just a fresher amp; was doing well compared to those experienced. One month was left for Shantung to complete his training. Shantung knew that apart from his good performance there was no vacancy for him in his domain as most of the old employees were on bench during recession. However on 5 July he got a call trot Miss Shell, Project manager of Call team from other domain.

It also dealt with hardware testing which was very close to Shantung’s work profile. She gave an offer to him saying that they have an urgent vacancy in their team & they would like to hire him, if he is right for the Job based on two rounds of technical interview.

Shantung before agreeing for the proposal decided to speak to his current manager so that there are no disputes. So he asked for some time from Miss Shell to convey his opinion. His current manager Mr.. Rave Sahara called Shantung to his cabin. He said that he would ask his manager Mr.


Sham Kumar about it & let him know soon as he hopes that there is some project about to come to his team in next 2 months and they need to hire someone. Based on past 5 months performance of Shantung, he & his manager were very satisfied & would like him to work as permanent employee for the new project. Within two days Shantung was informed to extend his internship by three months so that he would be absorbed as a permanent employee based on a formal interview. However it was clearly indicated to him that the interview was Just a formality.

Rave & his manager Sham were ready to hire him at any cost. He also mentioned “no need to worry. You can decline {Our proposal from Shell ; also from other teams if coming to you. Interview is lust a formality. You are in.

Now don’t think about your interviews much & concentrate on your projects. We have lot of expectation from you. The news was spread all over the team that soon Shantung will be a part of their team. But few members in his team were having objections but there were no other alternatives as t was manager’s decision.

Shantung called Shell ; said “Hi! Shell, thanks for {Our offer.

But today my manager informed me that there is a vacancy for me in my team itself. So sorry for keeping you on hold” Shell replied “No problem at all. Congratulations” Shantung was eagerly waiting for the days to pass ; finally the day came when he was about to attend the formal interview. He was assured quite a number of times before that “the interview was formal & his performance was no way going to affect his selection.

He was already being selected by both of his immediate managers. Interview was Just a step to follow the employee recruitment guidelines of the company.

Shantung was also asked not to concentrate much on interview & rather pay attention on his routine work. Finally Shantung had his Interview on 30th July, 2009 at 5:00 Pm. Interview was carried by his team members some of whom were not always in favor of him. Shantung was surprised to find that one of his managers were in the interview panel as they promised that at least one of them would be there.

Effective Communication should be developed through trust Shantung had a tough time in the interview. He was asked with the questions that Nerve out of context & those that were not related to him & his work.

Neither he had worked in that nor did his profile for which he was being selected match to the questions asked. Bust since Shantung was technically sound & also had been resolving partly the technical disputes of other teams, he had ideas about he out of box questions and could manage to perform satisfactory in his interview.

Still 8 days were left. Shantung didn’t ask about his feedback as he was assured that it’s not going to impact anyway. Mr.

. Rave gave him a call. Shantung went to his cabin. Shantung was told that “he will not be hired because he couldn’t perform well in the Interview w” Shantung argued that “Why Rave, I performed well till date. I am having a ‘ere good track record for last 5 months ; feedbacks were very good as given by Ho only. I kept to all my deadlines.

You people awarded me. Because of you only I ended Sheila’s offer.

You only assured me that the interview was Just a formality & I need to concentrate on my work. ” Rave replied back “Our Company’s policy says that while recruitment it is the interviewer who decides the final selection. The panel of your interviewer is not ready to hire you.

They have an opinion that the task to which you were going to be assigned is different from your current profile ; does not meet their expectation. So you can apply for your resignation latest by next 5 days so that it gets updated to the database before your tenure of training ends by fault” Shantung was helpless.

He also knew that as per company’s policy “Interns are hired temporarily for projects ; thus have no assurance about confirmation of their Job after completion of the project even if they had performed well. He also didn’t have any documentary proof as everything was intended to him orally. There Nas no written evidence or mail that could suggest that he was being assured that he Nil be hired. He could have talked to Hrs, But in his company he knew that HER will only say that if the line managers are not ready then no one can do anything as the entire decision is based on managers.

He called Shell in case vacancy was still there. She replied that the vacancies were filled and there were no other vacancies in her team and in the entire domain for coming 6 months. Finally he had no other alternative, sat in front of his system. He applied for resignation, filled the form, clicked on the final button & his resignation got accepted. Then he went for a cup of coffee to the cafeteria. He could realize that he made some mistakes and could have rectified it earlier by being alert rather than taking the situation very casual.

Questions based on above case study : 1 . What are the major communication problems faced in this case? Were Shantung’s expectations his team were very high or it was quite genuine. 2. Do you think there was lack of transparency? 3. What would Shantung have done to overcome the situation? 4. In what better Nay Rave could have handled the situation? 5.

What were the conflicting statements said by Rave in this case? How could he have sorted it? 6. How HER within an organization can play an important role in tracking miscommunication and resolve such issues.