Sigmund Freud Case Study

Hank is not aware of the way other people see him. Hank was left out of social behavior because of his personality and the way he was growing up and who he has become. Growing up, he never had a girlfriend or any true friends to bring awareness to his crippling personality / character.

Hanks ego brought him to the conclusion that Sally was a shallow person and that she couldn’t look past his weight Issue.

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If he was not fixated this this way of thinking, he would have been able to notice that Sally put in more time with him that she really wanted to and could see cast this ‘issue’. Hanks boss used Hanks computer skills and made many attempts to keep him away from interaction with clients, showing poor communication skills / social behaviors. Overall, it would appear that Hanks boss and mother and key factors in his fixation issues. Growing up spoiled and self-centered he was later praised for his computer skills but never showed good people skills.

. Hank is internally motivated; at a young age he was exposed to excessive feeding. This is shown by his nail biting. The case study also shows that he found happiness through eating and smoking. These signs show damage while he was younger, and clearly shows the oral stage being subconsciously displayed. 3.

Hank enjoyed picking fights. Verbal altercations with the computer sales person and the waiter show clear oral defense mechanisms. Both Sally and the people being attacked by Hank noticed the defense mechanism of projection. 4.

It could be possible that his weight issue stems from behavior problems as children learn from observation.

As his friendships Nerve not vast, he was unable to learn from others. Aside from depression and genetics also being key. 5. A therapist would probably see his weight issue as a part f depression and lack of fulfillment from other people as his social circle and love life are both non-existent. Case Study 2 – Sigmund Freud 1 . Freudian perspective would indicate that Stave’s relationships with women are internally motivated.

Steve wants to feel attractive therefore he will consistently spend time money and effort to better his appearance as he fears rejection. 2. The state of conscious that is most involved in controlling behavior is the ego, as it serves as the mediator between the id and the super ego. According to Freudian theory Steve would not be aware of why he interacts with women on only a sexual basis due o the way his id operates. 3. The type of Freudian theory that motivates Stave’s relationships with women is libido, as he purely lusts after them rather than display actual affection.

. The type of personality that Steve displays according to Freud is the phallic personality. What could have caused this was the lack of affectionate relationship with his mother, feeling not good enough and in a way ashamed. Lacking self-confidence in viewing himself as attractive. He uses constant sexual encounters as a way to feel attractive to combat the self-confidence issues he felt growing up.

5. He Freudian stage that Steve is fixated is the phallic stage.

This is the stage when the pleasure is formed from the genital region, this could have contributed to the fixation because of Steve continually having relations with females but having difficulty establishing mature heterosexual relationships. What could have caused this fixation is tear to telling never being g enough and confident. 6 might have expressed their behavior being fixated at this stage with personality types that indicate self-image issues, and an example would be a women to both charm and seduce many men to feel better than others or attractive.