Freud Case study

According to the Freudian theory Hank displays both the oral Incorporative and the oral aggressive personality type. Hank is therefore fixated at the oral stage, in which the primary source of interaction occurs through the mouth. The mouth is vital for eating and derives pleasure from oral stimulation through gratifying activities such as tasting and sucking.

Wherein Hank displays this as he sat on his couch eating the pint of Ben and Jerry Cherry Garcia ice cream, while he contemplated the past week, which had been a very stressful one for him. Hank shows signs of being fixated at the oral Incorporative stage, where in the case study it was said that Hank’s mother “often described Hank in terms that implied that he was loud even when he was a baby.

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His cries used to pierce the air, and his mother would often rush to make a bottle for Hank or give him a cookie to regain some peace and quiet, even when she could not understand why he was hungry because he had eaten so recently. ” This showed that his primary conflict was the weaning process, and as an Infant his emends were always satisfied by his mother who led him to become fixated at this stage where his adult personality is predisposed to unusual optimism and dependency.

Hank had also been fixated at the oral aggressive stage because the case study showed that Hank also had an excessive pessimism, hostile, and aggressive personality. Taking into consideration that his sarcastic attitude and his ways of carrying himself has also driven him into a position that have alienated him from his peers, As a child he had always had problems and difficulty establishing legislations. ND even now In his later life he still has complexity with feeling appreciated by his co-workers and finding a woman that could show him unconditional love. Hank has developed various ways in dealing with his anxiety such as biting his fingernails when he is nervous and smoking cigarettes to calm him and to relax him just so that his demands can again be satisfied.

All of which resulted in Hanks habit of instant gratification which cold not be fulfilled In his adult life.