Functional strategy Case study

What is Disney difference & how it affect corporate , competitive & functional strategy ? -Disney difference * find on passage(2nd paragraph) corporate : set long term direction for total enterprise competitive : identifies how a division or strategic business unit will compete in its product or service domain -functional : guides activities within one specific area of operations -Disney difference’s core value is to exploits its rich products by maximizing their content’s value and exceptional storytelling across markets .

Walt Kinsey company uses corporate strategy by funding a $452 million to expand a Disneyland theme park in Hong Kong.

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Due to its poor attendance fugues since opening , Disney sets such direction for the whole organization’s long term benefit. A new theme area called Grizzly Trail is also set for the new theme park in Hong Kong n order to attract more visitors. – Disney also applies functional strategy by establishing new Quality Control Department within its organization to maintain the quality of products. Existing marketing department is enhanced for better improvement. 2) what challenges of Disney in doing business in Russia ?

How they SE planning to prepare for challenges ? -Restriction on foreign media * Disney plans a broadcast version of Disney Channel in Russia but Russia is a large untapped media market – Culture and age differences * As Disney’s target audience was young, therefore its products could not possibly be of interest to older kids ( this sentence can find in passage) – Alger and top management use strategic plans to overcome difficulties in the business of Russia. They leverage their company’s vast media content on different platforms ( last paragraph ) 3) what goals were set with expansion in Hong Kong ? What type of planning was necessary ?