Case Study Mac PC

Apple reduces are premium priced and the applications and platforms were initially developed as proprietary, establishing Apple as an exclusive brand. With numerous adjustments in the management system over the years, the variances in organizational structure hindered a consistent decision making process. Changes in leadership allowed for inconsistency in business strategies in areas such as: outsourcing of manufacturing and labor, inventory consolidation, termination of small sales outlets and unsteady R&D costs.

Alternate Courses of Action While Apple’s foremost strategies Involved Innovation and growth, the process of Strategic Management should be carried out systematically and It should begin with the mission statement. Apple has held various Nilsson statements over the years, yet It Is difficult to obtain a current Nilsson statement for the company from their website or corporate relations Information page. According to Business Insider, as of August 201 3 this was Apple’s Nilsson statement: Apple ageless Macs, ten Test personal computers In ten world, along Walt rework and professional software.

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Apple leads the digital music revolution with its pods and tunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its evolutionary phone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media, and computing devices with I-Pad (Belonged, 2013). With consideration to the mission statement, Apple could analyze the external environment to compare their mission and strategy to their competitors, HP and Dell, who hold the largest worldwide market share for PC’s.

Furthermore, the organizations’ decision makers (internal environment) should evaluate and fulfill the remaining sequences in the Strategic Management processes: self-assessment, goals and objectives, strategy (corporate and business unit) in coordination with HRS incepts and management strategies. Recommendation With the intention of Apple assessing threats and opportunities in order to increase its global market share for the Mac PC brand, they should look closely at internal resources, specifically human resources.

Corporate decisions such labor outsourcing, web based retail sales along with continual premium pricing of PC’s each affect the organizations performance globally. Consideration should be given to employees in order to maintain morale, motivation, productivity and retention.

This involves including human resources in connection to measuring the value of human sets for an organization. HRS supports a highly functioning work system and that will contribute to overall corporate global profitability.

Conclusion Apple can effectively meet its objective of maintaining a viable corporate strategy that results in consistent PC sales success in worldwide markets through the implementation of the Strategic Management process, with a focus on the management decision making process in coordination with Human Resources. For Apple to achieve its global objective to increase market share for PC’s, the employees first need to clearly understand the objective and how they contribute to meeting it.