Dorchester ltd case study

Phallus Build a team of 5 students. Find an artistic organization or a project you are interested in. Make sure that the organization will provide you with enough information to conduct a strategic analysis. Write a 20 pages Max report.

Prepare the defense of your project in group. I will ask each group 5 questions. Each student will answer to one question. A another student has a chance to complete the answer of the first student. 1.

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Financial supports: (2 points) Does your organization get subsidies or sponsoring?

What are the arguments to obtain them? Referring to the lecture do you think additional arguments could be presented? 2. Mission statement: (3 points) Do your organization have a written mission statement (MS)? Why? Why not? Who did write it? How is it used? For which purpose? Do you have recommendations on the MS content or use? In case of absence of MS, do the stakeholders wish to have one? Why? Is there an Implicit one? Which one? Write the MS you propose? Reference for question 3: Phallus 0. , “Museums, serigraphs or unique masterpieces?

Do American Art museums assert a differentiation in their mission statement? “, International Journal of Arts Management, Volvo. 13, no 1, automate 2010. 3. Board: (3 points) Does your organization have a board? Or Is there another similar group? Who are the members? Which role does It have? How does It work? Do you have recommendations? References for question 5: Hues M.

, Michelin A. , Choosing M. [2005], Corporate Boards as Assets for Operating in the New Europe, Organizational Dynamics, Volvo. 34, non, p. 285-297.

Hillman A. J. & T.

Dalzell [2003], “Boards of directors and firm performance: integrating agency and resource dependence perspectives”, Academy of Management Review, Volvo. 28, non, p.

383-396. 4. Standard strategic analysis: (12 points) Implement the standard strategy tools to your case referring to the book: Johnson, Schools, Whetting, Exploring Corporate Strategy, Prentice Hall. For the underlined concepts, copy the definition of the concept and then implement it in your case. A.

Imagine several scenarios. Refer to the example developed in class and follow the tepees distinguished.

B want are ten resources Ana competences AT your organization? Are teeny AT value, rare, hard to imitate and translated into the organization (BRIO analysis)? Are they at the origin of a competitive advantage? C. Build a value chain for the organization. Where do you locate the largest source of value? Consequently what are the competitive advantages of the organization? Reference for question E: S.

Price, The performing arts value chain, International Journal of arts Management, p. 21- 32, fall 2005 D.

What are the critical success factors for the organization for each stakeholder? E. Do a SOOT analysis of the organization F. What strategy would you set for the organization for the coming 5 years? You can also propose several strategic options to the director.

Refer to the standard strategies (low cost, differentiation or facilitation) and translate it concretely in this case. Criteria to evaluate: Understanding of the tools and concepts Quality of the case analysis and proposition Quality of the oral and power point presentation Additional information provided by the group