Puerco Galore National High School Case Study

It’s Efficiency Among Second Year Students of Puerco Agglomerations High School A Study of Classroom Disciplinary Problems In Puerco Galore National High School Fourth year Lower Section ere Problem ere concept of discipline or of disciplinary procedures as a characteristic of the condition in teaching presents some serious problem that leads to create a research for the sake of the students also in part of the teachers.

Nothing this study are discussions of behavior problems and attitudes of pupils toward school work, which at times I the past have been at least partly tied up with discussions of discipline. Similarly in terms of emotional and mental behavioral aspects of a student in school that sum p as irresponsible act like rebellions.

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This could be a smaller problem for discipline to deal with, thus it is clearly becoming a problem in education. This leaves inspiration to formulate answerable questions in order to derive fairly good procedures in the implementation of disciplinary concepts.

This research analyzed the disciplinary problems encountered by Fourth Year High School Teachers in Puerco Galore National High School Fourth Year Lower Sections in school year 2010-2011. Especially this study answers the following question.

1 .

What are the attitudes of fourth year pupils mainly on lower sections toward school work?

2. What disciplinary problems are encountered in the classroom as perceived by the students? Is there an significant relationship between disciplinary problems encountered by the teachers and pupils attitude toward school work? Statement of the Hypothesis No significant relationship exists between classroom disciplinary problems and pupils attitude toward school work. Disciplinary problems have always an important part in the work of the teachers. In fact, the lack of ability to maintain is the most frequent cause of the teachers’ failure. Therefore, knowledge of disciplinary procedures is an…