Pack Case study

Pack Case study ere challenge of intimacy with a key customer Content Company Profile Performance Evaluation Marketing Challenges Solutions Assessment Implementation Proposition Tetra Pack – Company profile ::]Establishment: 1952. ::]Founder: Dry. Ruben Raising. Country: Sweden. Arrest producer of Swedish company aseptic carton packaging retreat Pack’s packaging products Five Forces- Italian rye Power New entrants Supplier Rivalry Substitution Packaging Industry Strong competition and relatively high buyer power Competitor Analysis – Italian Packaging Industry retreat Pack Combine Eloped aground Market leader of carton package Innovator of aseptic Second largest of Vision to become the world leader in non-aseptic segment.

Potential crack with Pointer. Non-customer focused orientation. Opportunities Growing plastic peg market Rise of new “enriched milk” business. Increasing demand of scavenging package. New private milk labels Threats Trend of lower cost packaging.

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Reduction of full-fat milk demand. Relationship with Pointer in danger. Intense competition with new aggressive competitors. Drop of sales in Western market. Tetra Pack’s Organizational structure President & Chief Technology Officer Legal Affairs Carton Division EX.

& Africa Americas Asia Plastic Division Market Companies Processing Division Traditional organizational structure which focuses on sales and profits. Lack of focused customer-oriented marketing unit. Tetra Pack’s Marketing Challenges Challenge of intimacy with key customer (Pointer)

Pointer asks for marketing advice for growth Combine waits for a chance to replace Tetra Pack * Potential crack Witt Pointer ( Challenge of rising competition ; declining market Combine aggressively aims to cost reduction Plastic market becomes more intensive * Potential threats from competition What are the real problems behind the drop of market share? Italian Milk Industry Overview Milk Industry Segmentation Full Fat Semiskilled Skimmed Enriched Mature and concentrated market Increasing trend of Enriched milk Market share by segments Market trend by segments 1995 Full fat Semi-skimmed Full fat- Plain.