The Back-Pack-Vac

Pollution: one of the worst problems we have in the world today. You can’t even drive one mile without finding at least five pieces of trash. At the rate Americans pollute, our world could become a complete dump sooner than we think. Fortanutely, I have an idea that could stop our pollution problems.

Introducing the Back-Pack-Vac! How it works: How the Back-Pack-Vac would work is simple. Using a handy-dandy on/off switch, just turn it on, point the vacuum toward debris (like a food wrapper), and let the Back-Pack-Vac do its job! The Back-Pack-Vac is like a leaf blower, but with a larger vcuum and piping, and a storage tank. Also, like some leaf blowers, the back-Pack-Vac is designed to suck debris in, not blow it away. A leaf blower is designed mainly for yard ddebris, like leaves and pine needles. The Back-PAck-Vac, on the other hand, sucks up cans, cups, wrappers, and even cigarette butts! Plus, the big storage tanks means you get more litter disposed for each trip to the trash can.

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The Design: The Back-Pack-Vac sucks garbage through a large tube, which then brings the garbage through a tube to the storage area. An on/off switch turns the machine on, and allows the machine to be cordless. The vacuum and tube are designed to be larer than normal, therefore allowing larger items to be sucked up. To top it off, the Back-Pack-Vac is designed to be worn as a backpack, for easy usage and storage. A backpack is designed to hold items, and as the name implies, so does the Back-Pack-Vac! Other features would include an extendable and retractable vacuum pipeline, and small and large vacuum attachments. My dad’s leaf blower was my main inspiration for the design! The Benefits: Although the Back-Pack-Vac wouldn’t give you as much exercise as a trash grabber, and would cost more, there are a lot more benefits.

For one thing, the Back-Pack-Vac takes up less of your valuable time. Instead of grabbing each piece of trash, let the Back-Pack-Vac do the work! Just aim, and suck! Also, the Back-Pack-Vac means a lot less trips to the trash can, thanks to the bigger storage tanks. Plus, as the name states, the Back-Pack-Vac goes right on your back, and isn’t as heavy as a leaf blower. In addition, the Back-Pack-Vac can double for yard work..

.sorry leaf blowers! The Idea: I got this idea in a car, actually. We were coming home from Walmart one day, and this lady in front of us threw a whole plate of chicken out her window, and under the car. “What a litterbug!” I thought. When the traffic light turned green, she zoomed away, her exhaust pipe spewing gas.

Then, I imagined her exhaust pipe like a vacuum, sucking up that plate of chicken. Soon after we got home, I started writing and designing the Back-Pack-Vac. A new invention was born! I just never thought I would thank a litterbug…

Pollution sucks, but the Back-Pack-Vac sucks it up!