In fact, Kenny was fully in charge of Silk’s financial aspects. Two years later, Kenny had brought in 100 pieces of contemporary batik silk and linen from local batik artist, Mat SOHO. Kenny also mentioned that Mat SOHO Joint the partnership as a new partner last 2 weeks.

Jack and Ellen opposed to Jenny’s decision as it was not connected to their nature of business’s product and services. They also had never agreed on Mat Josh’s appointment as the new partner to their business and at the same time, they heard room Mat SOHO that Kenny had opened another new bridal studio, Sweet Bridal Studio at Series Gentleman, with one of the Silk’s contact.

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Jack and Ellen felt betrayed and frustrated that Jenny’s new business would become a direct competitor to JELL. Six months later, EBB had initiated a legal proceeding against JELL and all the partners for recovery of the money owed. Jack and Ellen have denied their liability as they claimed that they were not the managing partners and their scope of Job was merely decorating main stage in the wedding ceremonies. They also never agreed to the idea of having batik in JELL.

Pursuant to that, Jack and Ellen had insisted Kenny to surrender the business accounts to them for the purposes of auditing.

Kenny said all book keeping and accounts were at his home. (a) Advise Jack and Ellen on their duties and liabilities under the law of partnership. (5 marks) lb) Critically discuss the principle of barriers fide in the Silk’s partnership. (5 marks) Critically highlight and discuss all relevant issues in the partnership, in the event SILK is transformed into a Limited Liability Partnership (ALP) entity.

(10 marks) Present your finding to the class. .. Determinant/Partnership/CSS/Pbs/041 5..


Note to Students *This Case Study 6 Analysis ; Presentation will be taken as your team’s t presentation that will carry maximum marks of 10% from the overall marks of GSM 5131 Business Law & Ethics. *Please limit your discussion purely on the relevant laws and principles of a partnership, inclusive of limited liability partnership (ALP). *Your team will be evaluated based on the stated marking scheme in the Question. *Please limit your presentation slides to maximum of 10 slides.

*Your team will be given 1 5 minutes of Presentation time excluding about 5 minutes for Q & A.

The presentation will be held on Thursday, 9th April at 6. Pm at Putter Business School, MUM. Please be there on time. *As this will be our introductory lecture on Partnership, please ensure that you will not be absent.

If you have some other commitment, please let your team leader know and get him or her to verify on your contribution to the team with me, failing which, {oh will immediately lose 10% (without replacement works). *Team leader, please play your roles right, and team members please be serious in attending to this work as it is a teams’ effort. “All the best & enjoy reading the law.