Chapter Case Study Question

Consistency and Leadership Linen’s relationship with Jack and her co-worker’s is having a negative impact on the team. In the text book there is a concept of Work Groups which discusses three elements in a social system much like what is going on with Linen’s team. The three elements are Activities, Interactions, and Sentiments.

The task that Eileen and Jack are doing on a separate level has set up what seems to be a personal relationship with each other. Jack uses Eileen more like an assistant or peer than one of the jugular employees. Although Eileen is at the same level as the other workers she does different tasks as them.

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The interaction between Eileen and Jack is what is causing the rest of the team to have a negative sentiment towards Jacks leadership. They do not see Jack’s behavior as appropriate or worthy of their trust.

If the two of them continue to separate themselves from the rest of the team, it will cause the other workers to lower their work performance since they will feel unappreciated and that their work is not being noticed. Another problem that could arise is that they loud report Jack to Human resources and accuse him of unfair treatment since Eileen is getting time off and preferential treatment. Applying Path-Goal and Tantalum-Schmidt Continuum of leader behavior Jack needs understand he Is causing the resentment towards Eileen.

He needs to develop every team member with the style that is best for them. Jack seems to be using an Achievement-oriented leadership style with Eileen, and wants the others to Just be more Like her. I believe Jack needs to be supportive In finding out why the other resent Eileen, by doing this he will discover that they feel he Is giving preferential treatment to Eileen. Then he will be able to Identify where his team Is and change his leadership behavior according to the Individual member.

According to Tantalum and Schmidt, Jack should be more democratic In his decisions.

If he wants the group to work Like a team then he should be less authoritarian and more democratic. This could Limit the preferential treatment given to any employee In the group. Jack will be able to clarify the goals that need to be achieved and explain that Eileen Is the best to stay late, or the team will be In agreement another team member would be better for the task.