BI Chapter Case study Macys

Enterprise Miner help better understand the impact of online marketing initiatives? AS Enterprise Miner help Macy’s. Com increase its analytical capabilities, resulting in an e-mail subscription churn reduction of 20 percent.

AS Enterprise Miner can automate the reports for Macy’s. Com. By analyzing these reports and results, Macy’s. Com can better understand customer lifetime value. They can find faster who are their best customers and how engaged they are with them, and they an get their value customers.

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. What does Macy’s mean by “customer lifetime ‘alee? ‘We want to understand how long our customers have been with us, how often an e- mail from us triggers a visit to our site” Tomato explains. For example, I usually online shopping on Amazon. Customer lifetime value for Amazon means how often I shopping on website and how long I will spend on website. 3.

Why is email subscription churn rate so important to them? Retailers often put some advertisements, sales and discounts on their e-mail contents.

They will send an e- mail to you every day, and there e-mail contents always use for attracting attention of customer. If subscription churn rate increased, less customers will notice their sales and discounts. It will lower their revenues and profits. If subscription churn rate reduced, more and more customer will spend time and money on you. It will bring sales and turnover.

4. What tool does the company use to shift competitive analyst time from creating reports to analyzing the reports?

Data mining software tool. Like Mac. Com now using AS to automate the reports. This cuts the time dramatically.

5. “Hat do they mean by referring to analysts in the new model as “internal consultants”? It means by using Data mine software tool, they will save more times, and with the extra time, they can examine more data, spend quality time analyzing. Data mine software tool save the time and bring more opportunities or chances to mine and analysis extra valuable data to support company’s strategies.