Chapter 4 Case Study

Chapter 4 Case Study 1. Stakeholders: a.

John Ryan – Superior Systems relationship manager – Aggressive. b. Nick – Superior Systems managing consultant – conservative. c. Sandy – Superior Systems Technical – observant. d.

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Sara – Superior Systems possible project manager – e. Ron Gimble – Point of contact for Capitol State Chemicals. f. Ron Newell – Capitol State’s IT operations manager. g.

Kelly – Capitol State’s network technician – viewed as a project manager. h. Alex – Capitol State’s IT representative from the R;D group – bold, difficult, focuses on security of staff communication. . What problems or opportunities does the protagonist face? a. Capitol State is on a short time line and is starting two separate tracks of negotiation with Superior Systems and another consulting firm.

b. Capitol State seems more concerned with where the separate phase is going and getting help with clarifying their RFP more than the confidence that they can complete the project due to experience. c. Preparation – Competitors came with lawyers, big fancy binder versus a bound proposal copy.

Is SS showing CapState that they are willing to move forward with this project as the time period allows? d. There are still some open issues ; gaps in questions about network documentation and asset management database.

e. Possible tension between IT and R;D. f. Fees are discussed privately – company has a sense of secrecy throughout. 3. What is the solution or recommended course of action? a.

After this meeting, Capitol State should have a clear view of what their final RFP should look like.

The SS company has helped them along this route and gotten most of the questions answered and though through so that both parties agree on the priorities and details. If SS wants to move forward, the gaps in the RFP need to be filled in. Details about the network documentation and inventory need to be clear and any tension between the IT and R;D should be discussed if SS is to be working alongside both. After these questions are clear then SS can move forward and if needed to further persuade CapState, discuss the final material as a presentation.

Then make sure that the team is ready and available on the requested dates and let CapState know that we are ready to start this project as soon as possible.

4. What is the analysis that leads to this recommendation? a. The time has been noted as an issue by the Capitol State company and they are eager to start the project. By showing them that we are breaking down the essential requirements and getting any and all information about the project from them we are proving our dedication and presenting all information to them in an organized format. 5.

How will we carry out the plan? a.

Side meetings between Ron and John have been discussed to confirm any fees and also between Ron and Alex to talk about the R;D side of things. Follow up and schedule these meetings and input information gathered into the gaps. This will complete the outline and can be shared with the rest of the SS team. Any further deliverables can be assigned at this point and any milestone information can be adjusted.

The team should be ready to present the final material and can be considered as the consultants for the Capitol State company.