Running case chapter

The Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project team is working hard to ensurethat the new system they develop meets expectations. The team has a detailed scope statement, but the project manager, Tony Prince, wants to make sure theVre not forgetting any requirements that might affect how different people view the quality of the project.

He knows that the project’s sponsor and other senior managers are most concerned with getting people to use the system, Improve their health, and reduce healthcare costs.

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System users will want the system to be very user-friendly, Informative, fun to use, and fast. Tasks 1 . Develop a list of quality standards or requirements related to meeting the stakeholder expectations described above. Also provide a brief description of each requirement.

For example, a requirement might be that 90 percent of employees have logged into the system within two weeks after the system rolls out. 2. Based on the list created for Task 1, determine how you will measure progress on meeting the requirements.

For example, you might have employees log into the ystem as part of the training program and track who attends the training. You could also build a feature into the system to track usage by user name, department, and so 3. After analyzing survey information, you decide to create a Pareto diagram to easily see which types of recreational programs and company-sponsored classes most people were interested in.

First, create a spreadsheet in Excel using the data in the table below. List the most frequently requested programs or classes first.

Add a column called “% of Total” and another one called “Cumulative %. Then enter formulas to calculate those items. Next, use the Excel Chart Wizard to create a Pareto diagram based on this data.

Use the Line ” Column on 2 Axis custom type chart so your resulting chart looks similar to the one In Figure 8-1 . Requested Programs/Classes # of times requested Walking program 7,115 Volleyball program 2,054 Weight reduction class 8,875 Stop smoking class Stress reduction class 1 ,894 Soccer program 3,297 Table tennis program 120 Softball program 976 Figure 8-1 .