Running for California’s Governorship

Archaic and stubborn political infrastructure coupled up with the myriad problems facing the state of California is what informed my move and passion to change this ugly situation. However, I realized that, for my change dream to come true, power is a vital tool which will drive my noble objective.

A vision without power in a political arena is like a blunt tool for it cuts slowly or fails to cut at all. I could not sit down and watch California sink into further abyss. This informed me to run for the office of California’s Governor. Sitting in Governors office, in State Capital Building in Sacramento, will give me a platform to effect changes that will benefit the state’s general populace. Under the current leadership of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state is undergoing stiff challenges, which if not, averted at an early stage, then the once reputable state will lose its identity.

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A scholar once asserted that if one fails to plan, then he plans to fail, a quote which I concur with vehemently. In my campaign, therefore, setting out strategies of how to capture the seat is a priority. In this case, from raising funds for the campaign, publicity tactics, to flooring my opponents are among the crucial stages in the campaign. In this campaign, I will also give the numerous, fundamental issues which ought to be addressed during the next term. The latter, I will address with much gusto given a chance by the people of California. Having spent most of my life in California and the keen interest I have had in the issues rocking this state, not to mention that it is my birth place, cements my suitability as a candidate for the post.

The coined phrase “The California we want” will no longer be a mirage but a reality. Let the phrase ring in every Californian mind and I call upon them to join hands as we usher in the change we can see. In developing my strategy, I will group the state of California into three dominant groups. These are the Democrats, Republicans, and those that swing between Republican and Democratic candidates. Having studied the voting trends since early sixties, I found out that republicans have regular voting trends; therefore, being a republican, I expect little support from Democrats strongholds (Dana, 2004). Armed with this in mind, my campaign energy will channel towards the swing counties.

Working hand in hand with my strong campaign team, we will capitalize on winning the undecided voters. In analyzing the “swingness”, factors in the last four elections ought to be considered, for instance, the swing counties that have voted for the republicans in the last four elections, the counties that have swung consistently towards the republicans in the recent past, the margin of voters who swing year in year out, and finally the swing ounties that contain the highest number of voters (Am, 2010). These factors are crucial in that the Governor is elected by popular vote rather than Electoral College. Examining these counties is also worth since California population is not distributed evenly. I must develop a preliminary analysis of these counties in order to gunner votes, which might be, handy in compensating for loss in other counties.

Bearing in mind that California’s population is concentrated in the cities, my campaign attention, will turn to cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, among other populous cities. A narrow defeat in a city, say for instance, San Diego will be compensated by a win in Los Angeles. This will be a boost to my candidature.Outpacing my rivals and becoming a front runner means that I come up with feasible means of raising campaign funds. In order to be successful, I will embrace technology more so the Internet for campaigning.

Through this innovative way, my popularity will rise because everyone is involved in the campaign process. Many people especially the youth, which comprise of, a larger population has subscribed to the many social sites available. Take, for example, Twitter, Facebook, my space, mig33, myGamma, just to mention but a few commands a larger audience and I get to reach many people by selling my policies through such sites (Hammet, 1992). I will also set up a site which will not only encourage grassroots’ participation in the campaigns but also act as a tool for raising funds. I believe that the extensive use of the internet which has been adopted by successful politician of every political persuasion is a novel approach in that it will allow my supporters to organize meetings, participate in forums online, canvass for advertising ideas, donate money online, and distribute political talking points. Internet will enable me to stand out amongst my rivals in terms of publicity, activism, and money. Moreover, I will break from the existing party infrastructure which sometimes appears to confine and build my own online network of supporters. Most of the candidates obtain their campaign funds through traditional fundraising means which involve mainly depending on tapping wealthy and established political donors.

This method of raising funds compared to raising funds over the Internet has many disadvantages. Raising money over the Internet come in small donations from a large population and is relatively inexpensive. I will also strive to acquire many critical endorsements as the campaign snowballs. Among those whom I will seek endorsements from are senators and former senators, Governors and former Governors, Representatives, mayors, and other renowned and respected political figures. Other celebrities from the entertainment industry also go into a great length in endorsements. The expensive healthcare system that is eating into the taxpayers’ money is zone of the policies that I will challenge.

This idea, which seemed noble, during its inception, has proved expensive and not feasible. Mainstream Democratic leaders will suffer a blow in their campaigns because what they had promised Americans will is still a mirage (Howard, 2009). As a Republican candidate, this will work to my advantage. I am also going to fight tooth and nail against the floated budget plan. Among other policies I will criticize, is the war in Iraq.

Despite my party supporting it, my opposition of the war seems to resonate well with a large populace. This will place me in a better position than my opponents who drum up support for the infamous war. Television adverts, billboards, road shows, and the internet are some of the means I will use to reach the public. The media in general play a crucial role in every campaign. It should, however, be noted that the media if not well managed can soil one image in a twinkle of an eye. Opponents will be on the look out in pointing out any scandalous act one has engaged in.

If this information leaks to the media and they establish that it is credible, then ones political ambitions will reach a dead end. Bill Clinton’s secret affairs with Monica Lewinsky, Richard Nixon’s Water Gates Scandal are examples of scandals which nearly brought then leaders crushing (Dirk, 2003). Utilizing advertisements placed on billboards and televisions is part of strategies which in crease the campaign’s efficacy.There are number issues, which ought to, be addressed by California’s leadership. These critical problems include improvement of correctional institutions like prison.

The need to build new correctional facilities to avoid overcrowding is on the rise. Female jailbirds should also be moved to community base correctional centers and rehabilitations. I will fight for proposals to improve the state correctional system. Inadequate prison facilities and high prison, and for it to get back into its feet visionary leaders ought to be put in office. California’s woes mainly are passed down from one Governor to another, and I will ensure that this tradition is broken.

The Golden State suffers perennial unbalanced budget with spending which is overextended, the inability of the state to alter taxes, broken initiatives, and partisan politics. In conclusion, if elected Governor of California I will see to it that issues such as imbalances in different spheres, rights of Californians, among other problems will be a thing of the past. The dream of “California we Want” will come true.