Chapter Case Study Essay

Why Is Lillian so committed to diversity of Its human resources? How will this been fit the company? A) Lillian Energy Is an organization which provides over 1 million consumers with boot h electrical power and natural gas in the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois is. Lillian is a medium sized company which has put a good amount of effort into the diversity of their workforce due to the fact that they are committed to creating a culture in their workplace which encourages all different talents, perspectives and ideals.

In the grand scheme of things, having a diverse talent pool not only gives the organization a better understanding of the marketplace and perhaps even their target audience but It can also maximize their c palatably to succeed because of all of the different skills their employees have.

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B) Having diversity in the workforce at Lillian Energy is of great benefit to the company because as an organization integrates different types of employees from varied back mounds, it strengthens the business as a whole.

In a diverse workplace, there is a lot more Cree atavist and different types of skills, intellect and talent to improve upon products, services, p recesses and more. Different Ideas being generated by such a diverse group encourages man geris and employees alike to work together to think bigger and do better. Lillian Energy alls o has the ability to grow internationally due to the amount of resources and information EAI chi diverse group can offer about different cultures. Do you believe the company is forcing the issue of diversity? Is it necessary to make diversity training mandatory for all employees?