Music Industry Case study

Music Industry has its legalization and fee for their CD and album items. Insaneness Users must spend time downloading the music, then to play it anywhere but on their computers they must burn it onto compact disk more specific song can be hard to locate. It takes time spent , hassle , disappointing result and that’s the kind of currency that teenagers have but that people with a day Job won’t have.

Opportunities It is more reliable and easy to get Just pay and get the CD and it’s legalized without breaking any law. Threats

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Establishing of software that offers free browsing and downloading of music. Questions: 1 . Apply the value chain and competitive forces models to the music recording industry. We can apply it to the music recording to make some income to our music industry.

2. What role did the internet play in changing value propositions and the competitive environment? To what extent has it been responsible for declining CD sales? Explain your answer. The role that the internet done in environment was they Changes a lot of things using internet by people who doesn’t want to pay a higher mount. . Analyze the response of the music recording industry to these changes. “hat management, organization, and technology issues affected this response? – 4.

What is the current business strategy of the music industry? Do you think it is liable? Explain your answer. The first strategy of music industry was the anapest. For me it is viable, because people gets AMP music files by downloading it from their personal computers.