The Music Industry

Despite the fact that the festival provided an opportunity for people to express their talents and prowess in the music industry, there were some consequences that affected the community. To begin with, the concert promoted the rate of drug abuse among the members of the society. This was evident with the availability of harmful and illegal drugs such as marijuana. Majority of the people in Woodstock were drug addicts.

This fact perceived that drug laws were not effective during the festival because the police could not manage to control the large crowd. As a result, the people were free to smoke and engage in any activity they wanted. Nevertheless, the non-drug related incidences could have taken place if the gathering was not large. The deaths of the seventeen year old boy and the two births have painted Woodstock negatively. Although there were some drug busts around in the audience, there was no conflict and chaos in the festival despite the conditions of poor sanitation and lack of food for some times. Furthermore, there are lessons that can be learnt from this concert.

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Although the crowd was huge, people cooperated effectively. They shared food and shelter and worked closely with each other. Moreover, there were no cases of rape, robbery or any other form of harassment. As the result, Woodstock remained outstanding as it received praises from the media. People got information about the events that occurred at the concert as they were unfolded by the television stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines.

The spirit of unity and cooperation is emphasized on this context Elliott 45). We need to embrace these virtues in order to reach our destiny. Generosity is also a good character as seen by the dairy farmer who allowed the Woodstock staff to rent the land. In addition, the crew together with some of their fans was able to clean the site indicating the need for unity and harmony in the society.Organizing and ensuring that the festival would become successful was not an easy task.

The crew spent a lot of money in order to achieve their objectives. They used large sums of money in hiring the biggest and recognized bands which were very costly. For instance, Jefferson Airplane demanded $12, 000, Credence Clearwater Revival took from them $11,500 and signed for $12,500. Consequently, Woodstock ventures suffered losses when the crowd turned up to become so high that they could be able to take tickets. They spent almost one hundred and eighty thousand dollars for the preparation, but the money they collected was very little. They lost millions of dollars because of the large crowd that came to the festival.

Woodstock has contributed in the development of many aspects of life as far as music and art is concerned. After the end of the festival, a monument was erected at the concert site to mark the significance of the festival. It was a great success as seen by a number of factors emanating from festival. It brought many American youths together and exposed them to music and several artists. The American culture of Rock and Roll music has been derived from the events that unfolded during the festival at Woodstock.

As a matter of fact, this festival marks thee history of rock music in the U.S. in 1960s. Woodstock has very minimal incidences of chaos and violence. The crowd demonstrated an aspect of togetherness by sharing food and other facilities provided at the concert site. This indicates that music gathered people for a common purpose and that Woodstock aimed at doing the right thing.

It also indicates that success of an individual comes only when he or she combines efforts with others. For example, John and Joel had the idea of starting a recording studio in Woodstock but did not move further until they partnered with Lang and Artie Konfred.Although, there are challenges and setbacks faced by the organizers of Woodstock, we see them realizing their goals and leaving a legacy in the American history. In fact, it is regarded as an American icon because everybody is able to visualize the real events that occurred even when the story is shared today. Woodstock has played a key role in the definition of a generation where people view everything from a positive angle. They believed that all things are possible for those that endured by working together.

The festival was held during summer season but nearly half a million attended and were united under one culture of rock music. They defied all the odds and came together in one city where they felt secured and protected. To sum it up all, Woodstock is quite symbolic and tries to revolve around the major factors that influence life that is music, love and money. Thus, it is great material that provides historical picture of how these factors may determine the destiny of an individual.