Case Study and Tabulation Excercises

Give an example of a brand you believe has developed a successful MIMIC campaign and how they have integrated their strategies to create synergy. 3 marks) B.

When brand messages are integrated they reinforce each other and create a synergy like effect. Integrating all promotional tools so that they can work together and create an efficient campaign. The concept of Mimic Is to produce synergy among marketing efforts to Influence and affect behavior In specific target audience.

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An example of a successful MIMIC campaign would be Dunk Tonight-keep It collate In order to promote the launch of their new beverage Collate Dunking used social media Faceable by asking customers to take a picture with the new drink and then hey would be automatically participating in their daily giveaway. This campaign was low cost and gained increased social networking awareness, brand and product recognition and encouraged people to buy their drink.

The brand integrated general advertisement as well as sales promotion to gain brand recognition and buying incentives from customers. . Explain how Emirates’ marketing strategy has been successful in creating a positive brand image with current and potential customers. (3 marks) C. There are various strategies used by Emirates to create a positive rand image one being they are environmentally aware and are trying to reduce alarm pollution which shows concern for the society and proper ethics hence attracting more customer loyalty.

Due to the Increase In scarcity of resources customers are becoming more aware of the environment and being committed to sustainable living enhances the public image.

Commercial, print, on board and web advertisements exposes more customers to the brand and enhances brand image. Sponsorship and donation lead to community involvement and direct interactions with the customers. Sponsorship allows the brand name to be flourished in the particular event allowing yet more brand recognition and enhancement of image. 4. Classify the MIMIC tools used by Emirates.

D. The MIMIC tools used by emirates are Advertising Emirates advertises their brand either through commercial or by print in some of the major Medias to get across to customer.

In print media Emirates also provide three In flight magazines to reach customers In the flight. The on board entertainment also advertises the brand countless times to reach through to loyal customers. Secondly public relation actively s also one of the tools used to reach to the end user directly through sponsorship.

I Nils noels snow ten Drain In ten most positive align 5. Emirates Tales all over ten world. Should Emirates modify its messages and channels according to where advertises?

Explain. (2 marks) E. Yes emirates should modify its messages and channels according to where it advertises because it has a personal touch to it and attracts the consumers of a particular country. For example if emirates where to be advertised in India India air hostesses, Indian food or culture could be some of the items used to attract an audience interest.

Messages could be poke in Hindi so that those who do not understand English will be exposed to the advertisement. PART B 1 .

In “All Case Tabs” 51899 people were interviewed. 2. The age group of 35-49 has the highest percentage of dried fruits consumed that is 26. 6%.

3. 14689 people (all cases) who ate fresh vegetables in the last 7 days were surveyed. 7058 males ate fresh vegetables and 7631 females ate fresh vegetables. This means that more women consume vegetables compared to men approximately 573 more women. 4.

46 men in the age group of 14-17 ate canned vegetables while 376 men from the age group of 35-49 ate canned vegetables.

A possible insight would be men around the age 14-17 are teenagers and they live at home with the family whereby meals are made at home hence lesser need to eat canned products meanwhile 35-49 age group of men could be divorced, bachelors, widowed or married whereby meals are not made at home hence laziness lead to opting for canned food. 5. The tabulation allows marketers to select target market for each of the products stated according to the highest amount consumed for each . Meanwhile media planners can plan for specific advertising strategy to reach each target market and cover market area efficiently.