Case study of green New Zealand

What are some of the difficulties facing New Zealand by adopting a singular brand position? Do all industries benefit equally from this brand position? 1) The singular brand position, once identified, can then be communicated efficiently across different targets by utilizing customized sets of key messages. For example, 100% pure New Zealand can be easy to tell their customers what is the competitive advantage provided, and the clean brand image helps customer to remember the identification and differences of New Zealand.

However, Singular brand position can be a big problem when the brand image is false. According to the article, New Zealand has a poor environmental record. Rivers were too polluted to swim in and the record on preservation of natural environments was among the worst in the world on a per capita basis. On the other hand, the largest company of New Zealand, Fomenter, turn into a significant situation which linked to contamination of infant milk powder with melamine.

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Therefore, People will be hard to truth the brand position of New Zealand since the brand Image is really broken by the negative side.

And the singular brand position also drives New Zealand in a danger marketing position, cause the customers have only perception for their national brand. 2) The benefits of different Industries would not be equal from a singular brand position. 00% pure promotion can maximize the benefit of food export Industry of New Zealand, because this campaign shows the green, health and environmental for the overseas market. However, even though 50% of total export Income comes from meat, dairy products and wool, New Zealand still has other Industries are supporting their economic, such as mining, handicraft, film and television Industry. And these Industries might not gain too much benefit from this position.