Case Study Banner Health

Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Banner Health staffs over 36,000 people.

Banner Health is nationally recognized in the top five largest healthcare organizations In the united States. The hospital network consistently seeks the continuation to improve patient care. This paper will discuss Banner Health’s approach on the healthcare needs of the citizens they serve over the next decade as well as their growth development, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.

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Banner Health and the Next Decade Banner Health’s mission statement of expanding people’s lives through exceptional tenant care Is a guideline for all of Banner Health employees to meet and exceed the needs of the communities they serve over the next decade. Banner Health’s villous Is to be nationally recognized for their clinical excellence and Innovations selected by each health care organization.

This goal and vision will allow them to be leaders in the healthcare industry over the next decade. Banner Health continues to seek opportunities in medicine to stay current. They demonstrate this by the use of new and up-to-date technology, planning, integrating, and the use of electronic medical records. With the use of electronic medical records patient information such as digital images, lab results, communications from nurses, doctors and case management, past medical history and visits are available at the click of a button. One example of Banner Health looking towards the future is developing technology and an Implementation system In labor and delivery for effective communication to prevent complications during childbirth. Placed along the labor and delivery floor are microphones and cameras that are connected to the physician.

The physician can see and speak to nurses, the patient, and other staff members in real time. The whole system follows HIPPO requirements and is prevented from actually recording any data. Banner Health implemented this program to improve patient care and to prevent complications among mother and baby.

Banner Health actively participates in mid-year and yearly performance evaluations from management. The performance evaluation was designed to help Banner Health meet and exceed performances of other nationally recognized healthcare systems. Using this system it allows Banner Health to review performance standards and clinical practice in such areas as Stroke, ICILY, Heart Failure, and Open- Heart surgery and compare their results with national standards. Gathering such Information allows Banner Health to develop polices and procedures and deliver the best care, which will Increase patient outcomes.

As healthcare evolves and continues to change Banner Health has begun opening smaller urgent care and health clinics Walton ten community settling.

I nose resources wall reduce ten amount AT patients In the emergency room. The Banner Health clinics in the community offer administration of vaccinations, general illness complaints, injury and Cray analysis, and women’s health concerns, they also provide access to physicians and other deiced specialists. Care Management Systems is a big part of the Banner Health network. Banner Health continually involves Care Management Systems into patient care for an enhanced patient outcome.

By using this system Banner Health is able to identify areas that need revising and implement ideas and solutions to fix these areas.

Medication errors are common within healthcare. Banner Health works with the Care Management Systems to resolve medication errors and continuously monitors how medications are being administered. The “Think Green” program was recently started at Banner Health to help prevent excessive harm to the Earth. The go green program supplied all units in Banner Health hospitals with instructions on how to properly recycle paper, cans, medical supplies, and fluid waste.

The use of the “Think Green” program is another way Banner Health is looking towards the future. Network Growth Banner Health originated in 1991 and has had great growth within seven different states.

In 1991 Banner Health employed over 22,000 people and had a total of 2,882 patient beds. Currently, Banner Health has over 36,000 employed personnel, 4,400 patient beds, and offers care in Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

In 2013 Banner Health began opening community clinics and urgent care facilities, all equipped with the latest technology, medical services, and electronic medical records. These clinics and urgent care facilities have decreased the many patients that visit the emergency room each year, as well as improved staffing ratios between nursing staff and patients.

Nurse Staffing Banner Health take great pride on the patient care they deliver, which comes from the nurses they hire. Critical care areas are generally staffed by nurse patient ratios f 1:1, 1:2, or 2:1, while in other area of acute care the nurse patient ratio is 1:4 or 1:5.

Nationally, these are some of the lowest nurse patient ratios. Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix, Arizona is Banner Health’s only Magnet status hospital, setting the standards for nursing care. They accomplished this in June of 2005 and 2010. Several of their other hospitals are working towards the Magnet achievement.

Resource Management “We will be a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience, and distinguished by the laity of our people”.

Banner Health vision continues to seek out opportunities to be one of the Nation’s leaders in healthcare. With hospitals in seven states they are among the largest of healthcare networks and the most efficiently productive healthcare organization. As discussed, their mission statement of providing excellent patient care will continue to propel them into the future as healthcare continues to change. Employees at Banner Health have the opportunity to participate in biometric screenings, fitness opportunities, occupational health, and there health focused services.

The network takes great pride on human wellness, is concerned about the planet, and has policies and procedures in place to provoke ten states AT care. Patient satisfaction “Patient satisfaction scores and their ties to reimbursements are concerns for hospital leaders across the country’.

Patient satisfaction score are a priority for many reasons. They increase compliance among staff members, they are responsible on how the hospital is reimbursed, and provide data for national and state funding. The NRC Picker questionnaire and scoring is what Banner Health uses for measuring patient satisfaction. Each unit receives a quarterly report card of their Picker scores. The target goal is 86 percent or higher. “Professionals work in a coordinated yet autonomous manner to deliver patient care services.

Organizations emphasized expertise, collegiality, and performance, elements that in turn have a direct effect on the quality of patient care, patient outcomes, and patient and staff satisfaction ratings”.

Conclusion Banner Health is a leading hospital in today’s healthcare setting and is nationally agonized. Since 1991 they have provided care to many individuals in seven different states. They are acknowledged as one of the top five largest healthcare organizations. Banner Health has consistently offered its patients, staff, and community endless access to high quality healthcare services, resources, and education. They have collaborated with a multitude of areas within their network to format a strategic plan that continues to promote the needs of the future, growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.