Case Study Example- Short Pants

She started being hardcore when she took George’s statement negatively, she became stubborn and close-minded. EVENTS: Susie entered the largest corporation in the country as a senior finance analyst.

She was known as the terror of finance because she was almost perfect until a task was given to her that needed requesting for information from their division’s operating units. Apparently the information given to her was inefficient and so the job wasn’t successfully completed and she couldn’t point out what went wrong and so it made people wary of her.

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Susie did a biding Job that was supposed to be done by another department and she wasn’t quite happy about it. She was also tethered by her boss, the finance manager because he was stringent, aloof and was unable to give ordered directions. When she entered the said corporation, It was understood that she will be considered for the Job as the head of her section, which was vacant for a year. She was acting Like the head even though she wasn’t officially given the promotion.

Her boss unofficially said that the it would be given to her but to her surprise it was given to someone else who was from another branch and was technically inferior to her. She felt insulted and she had arguments with this new enhance manager she was even reprimanded for reported insubordination. The Finance Manager has seen the inferiority of the newcomer but since they do not fire their employees immediately he had the newcomer transferred to another unit.

The job however was not given to Susie, it was given to another senior staff and so she started doing her Job half-heartedly and it reflected the new section head even though the her resentment was really towards the finance manager. 2. VIEWPOINT The viewpoint I used was of Susie Wing’s because the situation was more employ Ana t I needs more Involvement Ana sell-realization Tort ten case to De solved properly.

Susie looked like the victim in the situation and she needs to take action and so it was only appropriate to see the case in her point of view. ‘General The root problem of the situation is Susie Wing’s interpersonal skills. Specific -The system of Advancement in the Finance Division (promotion and selection -Issue’s resentment towards the stringent Finance Manager process) -Issue’s half-hearted manner of doing her Job The relationship of the management to its people. -Difficulty in securing data. Job Assignments (Susie doing the biding even though it was assigned to another department) -Ineffectiveness of people on the Job (Finance personnel giving inefficient information to Susie and so she practically did the Job without the -Unofficial appointment without the security of advancement. Appointment) (Giving Susie an unofficial statement that she would be appointed as section head) -The recipient of the effects of her Job performance was the new section dead even though she had nothing personal against him.


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