Case study: Local

This Act which was passed in 1964, prohibits discriminations in regards to the recess of hiring, firing, and training, promoting and disciple along with the advertisement of open positions. This Act also includes any workplace decisions that are based on an employees or an applicant’s race, gender, national origin, or religion. Rhea Title VII Act goes as far as including hiring, pay, and the terms of employment, available training layoffs and benefits.

The Local 28 Steel Metal Workers had their hiring and promotion system worded and set up so that only white males would be Interested, accepted and feel comfortable in applying for the apprenticeship position long with the ability to move up the union ladder into the union and Journeymen position. The goal of the apprenticeship was to find themselves in the local 28 union.

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This process was set to up to discourage minority’s (specifically black males) from applying.

Thus the sheet metal group local 28 was not only in violation of the Title VII Act but also the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), The court system (attempted) to step in to make the sheet metal workers union of local 28 compliant with the (EEOC) and the Title VII Act without success as eighteen years the tell workers were still not compliant with the courts orders. 2. If you were the court and still trying to get the union to comply after 18 years after the fact, what Mould you have done? For starters I would immediately impose fines. I would deny any request for reviews that the steelworkers and the union may purpose.

I would mandate a third party be brought in to help re-write Job placement and apprenticeship advertisement for employment the local 28 steel workers.

The verbiage must be so that they were not leaning towards one race over another making sure there were sections that were set aside strictly for non-white employees. AAA non-partial manager would be brought in to lead and enforce the Title VII Act and EEOC rules. Rhea new leadership needs to figure out how to make and fill at least twenty-nine percent of the positions with non-white individuals to be in compliance.

For those Met in the union who are still being uncoupling t there would d be a disciplinary action plan put in place immediately, All verbal or written warnings would bypassed any as local 28 had eighteen years to remedy this particular situation and we are once again dealing with it. The disciplinary action plan would go straight to suspensions.

Being as this is a union that is being dealt the first suspension would consist of a week suspension with full pay, second suspension would be half pay and third suspension would be no pay.

I tried to find out of the court has the power to completely to overrule a union if so any employee who had three suspensions and still was being non-compliant would be fired. If this was not possible then every time their suspension be longer with up to a maximum of a year at a time. While these individuals are on suspension then another individual may step in and fill his empty position within the steel company until the employee has returned. 3. As an employer, how could you avoid such result?

As an employer of the labor 28 steel metal workers union I would make sure that I compiled to the court order as it would not be beneficial for the company to be in contempt of court.

The Judge ordered that twenty-nine percent of the union membership be made up of non-white individuals. I would make sure that this was done or at the very least have documentation to show that there was steps being dad to hire non-white males. This could include propaganda that was aimed at the community to welcome the non-white individual’s interest in the company.

Documentation of those who have applied and interviewed with the company to show the diverse dynamics even if they were not hired but show a detailed reason as to way they were not a good fit for the position. If I was in the position of leadership Which of course I would have been a man as females were not yet in these roles) then I would mandate that all of the other employees adhere to the sanctions that ad been put forth knowing that if we did not comply then the Judge can levy fines or new curt order of any kind.