Study Aboard and Local

Study local and study aboard Education is a never-ending learning process that has always been a part of our life. As education is a building block in our lives, we are willing to invest deeply into our education.

Good education will bring us far with that they have to offer our very own future. Recently, there are numbers of students continue their studying aboard. As the saying goes, the grass always looks greener on the other side of fence. Many consider study aboard is a better option. Nonetheless, study abroad and local have their own uniqueness.

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They similar in term of nature of competitiveness however differ in fees, experiences as well as the influences on character.

First of all, major goal of studying is to learn knowledge and same time forge better characters. Currently in this modern-day and society, every nations focus on the education sector. Both local and overseas education institutions keep improving to produce competitive students in future jobs markets, for example upgrading of facilities, hiring of qualified lecturers and design better teaching methods.

In Malaysia, there are various school that meet specific demands of students, like universities, colleges, polytechnic, government, private and parochial school. Hence, students are able to choose their desire school and unnecessary to study aboard since there are different types of educational institution exist in local.

Modern education concentrate on soft skills, therefore study aboard or local, students can learn to speak in front public, work in group, communicate better and so forth. In comparison, the most obvious different of study local and aboard is the cost required.

This is an undeniable fact that study aboard require additional cost with the same education one will get. Different countries have different currency rate. Usually, when we convert our currency to other’s currency, our value will become smaller. If local students study in seasonal countries such as United Kingdom and Germany, they need to buy winter clothing due to the different climate.

In addition, students cannot avoid the high transportation expenditures if study aboard. As the further the country from our country, the higher the price of the flight ticket is.

The prices of flight will even higher if students buy on peak season or in zero hour in case of emergency. Study locally generally government will subsidy part of the tuition fees, hence the expenses in slower. When students study aboard, they will become foreigner and so there are no subsidies on tuition fee.

Mostly extra charge will even apply on foreigners. As a result, higher expenditure is needed. Normally students feel more comfortable in their own motherland, as they already get use the local environment, culture as well as native language.

Hence, in local students are able to focus better on their studies since various problems like communication problems and cultural different have been excluded. However, study aboard students need to get use a whole new environment.

The feeling of being alone and away from home badly affects their concentration on studies. Some of them even give up their studies because fail to get use themselves in oversea. However the experience of living in oversea is precious which cannot obtain in local. Going aboard to further studies will benefit students by gaining new knowledge about other country.

By studying overseas, students could have many chances to interact with a lot of people from different background and culture.

So, students can learn about the new culture on what they wear, what they eat and their custom. Moreover, study aboard acquire students to increase the use of more foreign language. Consequently, students can perfectly master a new language and indirect more confident when communicate with foreigners. On the other hand, studying abroad give one major benefits to broaden the world understanding and perspective on international affairs.

One will know how another culture approaches daily life unusual challenges. Last different of study aboard and local is in term of forging characters.

Based on a research done by International Education for Students (IES), it was shown that a majority of the students who studied abroad realized that it is a catalyst to increase one’s maturity and self-independence. By studying overseas, students will be living away from family and friends. Thus, students will learn to live without depending on anyone else. Moreover, students will face problems on their own.

For example, they need to adapt with the new environment of a new country as soon as possible. As a result, students will be tougher in overcoming any challenges in their life.

In brief, study aboard encourage students to stand on their own two feet. Eventually, one will develop a greater self-confidence, independence, and self-reliance. On the other hand, students who study in local with familiar environment are very difficult to form stronger personality in short period of time. Challenges and obstacles they faced are minute if compare with students in overseas.

At last, their personality improvement will remain with almost no differences.

In short, both studies aboard and studies local have similarities and differences. It falls upon students to compare similarities and differences before deciding where to go. However if financial condition is allowed, study aboard will be a better option since it provides students with global perspectives, and thus better prepares for leading in global independent society. Even though higher cost is required, but it is an investment comes with a long term benefit or return in the long run.