VoiceREACH Enables Stockholm’s Local Government

ClientThe Stockholm local government issues thousands of parking permits a month. All of these permits need to be renewed annually.Business problemPrior to using voiceREACH the local government had to outsource this administrative intensive process at considerable cost to a direct mail fulfilment house. Responses were slow and the cost for each send out was high.

SolutionvoiceREACH allows the Stockholm government to send reminders to existing permit holders and to update the government on their intentions. They make use of voiceREACH’s data collection function to prompt existing holders to make a choice on their telephone:·One – automatically renew the permit if they have the same vehicle and parking requirements;·Two – listen to instructions on what to do if they have changed their vehicle or residence, e.g. direction to websites or other methods to renew permit·Three – if they no longer need a parking permit.The data keyed in by permit holders, is captured by Xpedite and is processed by the Stockholm government.There is a special version of the message that is delivered if an answer machine picks up the message that direct people to the website or the service line.

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ResultsThe manual handling of the send outs are now kept to a minimum and many hours are saved. On an average 71% of the people who listened to the message selected one of the options. The client has the replies within minutes and can handle the parking permits.Benefits·Reduction in cost of renewal reminders. It was costing the local government 17 Skr per permit reminder to send out, this has been reduced to 3 Skr. (Skr = Swedish Krones)·Faster renewal turnaround times through improvement in response times by holders.·Improvement in customer service to the residents of Stockholm.·The Swedish government is monitored by environmental organisations, and all projects that minimise the use of print/paper earn much praise.