Case Study Mgmt

This team would almost be ready to go into the Performing Stage except for one setback which is Mike. I think that Mike has a lot going on outside of the class and not everyone has an understanding of this. All of Mike’s issues could have identified If there was a better understanding of the stages of team development.

Mike’s issues or for that matter all of the teams issues and concerns could have been laid out during the Forming stage. According to our text, ” The Forming stage of team development, a primary concern is the initial entry of members to a group.

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During this stage, individuals ask number of questions as they begin to identify tit other group members and with the team itself. ” (peg. 156).

This stage is where all the questions and Issues come out that way you could better plan you project and task the right people to do certain Jobs. Christine secondary problem is that she must understand what makes her team effective, Our text states that, ” An effective team is one that achieves high levels of task performance, member satisfaction, and team viability. ” (peg. 152).

This has a lot to do with how the team is meshing together and the team benefit of synergy which is basically putting the team over the individual. When this happens team members an learn from each other and they are more willing to share Information that they may have even If It does not pertain to the project at hand.

Teams offer people a chance to socialize and interact with one another and be that shoulder to lean or even a listening ear. Christina’s primary problem is that she’s worried about the performance of Mike.

This can be caused by Social Facilitation which according to our text is “the tendency for one’s behavior to be Influenced by the presence of others In a group. ” (peg. 153).

This Is Mike’s problem as well I don’t think that Mike fits In to that particular group yeoman. If you read the case study Christine describes all of the other teammates as organized, agenda driven people. Mike on the other hand in my opinion is not like that he is more care free and also has his Job that keeps him busy.

While reading the idea of Social Facilitation in our text it tells us that a person can withdraw when a task is unfamiliar or probably cannot to a certain Job. Mike probably thinks that he Is In way over his head. However she Is also enabling Mike because she would try to explain Nils notes Tanat nee gives nerd Tort ten meetings.

Want IT sense Is not conveying hat Mike is really trying to say. Has there been any follow up Just Mike and Christine so she can give him feedback from what the rest of the group is saying.

Is she even conveying why Mike misses most meetings. Is it because of work in which case most people will understand or is it, “Mike’s not here again! ” and she is Just assuming because of his Jokingly nature that he doesn’t care about the group. Christine needs to go to Mike one on one and discuss what is going on with him. Ask why he left the group when Sandra came in and why he didn’t want to Join them or lunch.

You have to know all the members of your team if you are going to be a successful leader.

In the beginning she should have stated the goal clearly and then ensured that everyone knew what was expected of them. If she saw that Mike was missing meetings then she needed to pull him off to the side to find out why and if possible work the meetings around Mike’s schedule if that is going to benefit the group as a whole. The whole thing with all the notes would have stopped unless Mike was going to work and couldn’t make the meetings. Maybe Mike gave her the totes to read so he wouldn’t look or sound stupid if the rest of the group thinks his ideas are bad.

This poses a thought that maybe Michael never found out how good his ideas really were. Christine said that Mike came up with really good ideas but does he know that maybe he sees them as laughing at him and his stupid ideas which ties right back in to Social Facilitation. Overall I think that Christine was not an effective leader because I don’t think Christine has control of the group as the team coordinator. I don’t think she handled the situation with Mike very well if she did not provide him feedback for the tenting.

Christine created a standard when she accepted the notes from Mike in the beginning. Even if Mike couldn’t stay for the whole meeting he could take part in some of it.

She assumed that Mike didn’t care about the grade. Mike has other priorities like his Job but her sole priority and maybe the sole priority of the other team members are their grades and maybe that’s what frustrates them the most. REFERENCES: Shoehorning, John R. (11/2011). Organizational Behavior, 12th Edition [1] (Viticulture Bookshelf), Retrieved from http://online. Viticulture.

Com/books/ 9781118426319