Case study of skoda

L. Introduction The name “Soda” In the Czech language means “A Shame”. It Is the first car ever produced In the Eastern Europe. It Is a small business that eventually became Soda Automobile Company. It was formed In 1895 when Vocal Laurie, a mechanic and Vocal clement a bookseller, joined together to manufacture their first ever produced bicycle which is salvia in the town of Malta Boles Czechoslovakia. Four years after, the company began to use motorcycle parts in producing motorcycle vehicles.

The company used in diversification strategies specifically the related diversification which means adding new but related products or services. Soda auto first produced bicycles and then motor vehicles until they produce cars which has been made then motor vehicles until they produce cars which has been made them won numerous awards for producing quality automobile products and made them ,as the largest mum of employer In the Czech Republic and open opportunities for employers. When bicycles are replaced by automobiles In many countries, cars were out of reach of the Chinese.

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As Income . Allowances and tap tariffs on Imported cars began to fall of Begging’s accession to the world trade organization models began to flood the market and domestic producers were formed to cut their prices.

The government was encouraging the merge of many of these firms to achieve economies of scale. Industry projections suggested that the strongest potential growth in automobile sales would be in the countries of Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa rather than the countries or economies of Western Europe, North America and Japan.

Mergers of Automobile companies are being considered in China, and in February of 007, Daimler Chrysler GAG knowledge that it might have to find a partner due to the depth the crisis. The list of potential partners Included Renault AS and Ninjas Motor Company. Ninjas Is Interested in a North American Partner, Ford Motor Company could rely on other companies for some manufacturing or others tasks, Toyota suggested In 2006 that It Is Interested In further conservation with ford In 2006, General motors considered an alliance with Renault and Ninjas before deciding to remain as they are. Unfortunately many of the cross- border mergers and joint ventures in the industry in the past had difficult time surviving. For the acquisition, the Automobile Companies must have easily created their own new models. In making plant decisions, Companies consider the following factors: Labor costs, Energy costs, access to work force that has a right skills, access to the necessary infrastructure( roads, railroads, favorable political climate), and closeness to important global markets. Soda plantation in the Czech Republic was a good selection for Volkswagen for those reasons.

Volkswagen Is the Rupee’s largest car maker, In 2007 Volkswagen however ha s high productions with Inflated sucker prices, a deteriorating quality. A small business that eventually became Soda Auto was formed 1895 when Vocal Laurie, a mechanic and Vocal Clement, a bookseller, Joined together to manufacture the Salvia bicycle in the town of Malta Boles Czechoslovakia. In 1901, the company began using its motorcycle parts in the production of motor vehicles with four wheels and a two cylinder engine.

In 1939, when the Nazis marched into Czechoslovakia, Hitler grabbed Soda Auto and made it an armaments factory that was a part of the Herman-Goring.

As soon as World War II was over, the company nationalized by the Soviets who had taken over the country and the renamed it AZANS Soda. Under the Soviets, Soda gained a monopoly status as the only Czech passenger car manufacturer and this is when the jokes really began as the quality of the automobile began to slide.

After 1960, Soda began producing cars for the mass market that had a little style and after looked like a metal box. On April 16, 1991, Soda became the fourth brand of the Volkswagen Group after ‘vow, Audio and Seat ( the Spanish subsidiary). Volkswagen bought a 70% interest in the company, and Czech government retained 30% interest. In 2000, Volkswagen bought out the remaining 30% interest from the Czech government.

Soda progressed so well improving the efficiency and attractiveness of its cars that in 2006, Soda brand vehicles received the following honors: 1st place “Car of the Year” in Estonia, Finland and Bulgaria; 1st place “Auto Trophy’ in the Minivan category for Soda Roomettes; 1st place “Family Car of the Year” for Soda Roomettes in Sweden and Belgium; and “Red Dot” design award for Soda Octavia Combo. L. Vision To have the biggest market share in Europe by looking for extraordinary solutions those satisfy extraordinarily demanding customers.

Mission Is to provide quality sales, service and transportation needs for our customers. This is and will be accomplished through a dedicated team of employees whose number one goal is customer satisfaction along with a management team whose responsibility is to ensure employee satisfaction, and customer enthusiasm. Three basic values of Soda brand are: Intelligence- We continuously seek innovative technical solutions and new ways in which to care for and approach the customers that are most important for us.

Our conduct toward the customers is above board, and we respect their desire and needs. Attractiveness- We develop automobiles that are aesthetically and technically of high Tanana Ana always continuous an attractive offer Tort our customers not only In terms of design or technical parameters but also the wide range offered services Dedication- We are following the steps of founders our company Messes. Larding Clement. We are enthusiastically working on the further development of our vehicles; we identify ourselves with our products. II.