Case Study on Adjudication

Adjudication Case Study:

Adjudication is the process of the evaluation of the evidence and arguments of both sides on the court and the objective decision making of the judge after hearing the participants of the dispute.Adjudication is not only the legal court procedure, it is also any other evaluation of the arguments for the detection of the winner in various competitions, where the judge, arbiter or jury decides who is worth the victory.

The process of adjudication has a long history, because people have always wanted to solve their problems and argues in the appropriate fair way. Since the time of Ancient Greece people solve the majority of the quarrels and misunderstandings in courts where they share their evident and provide the judge and the jury with the persuasive arguments which are supposed to convince the judge in the truthfulness of the words of the certain party. Speaking about the other types of adjudication, this process is also practised in sport competitions, where the group of judges or the jury observes the performance of several sportsmen and on the basis of the points which they have earned the jury selects the winner. In the modern information age adjudication is also practised on TV. There are numerous TV shows which demonstrate the certain competition in various nominations. For example, there are cooking shows, dance shows, etc which are based on the competition of numerous participants who demonstrate their talents and skills and the audiences (the views) and the jury choose the winners of these shows.

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Adjudication is the simple evaluation of the arguments of the both sides of the quarrel and the making of the constructive decision.Adjudication is the essential process which is able to make the existence of the human society on the principles of democracy and impartiality of decision making. The student is able to learn about the act of adjudication on practice research the definite case for the assignment. The student is asked to pay special attention to the explanation of the principles and tasks of adjudication, focus on the definite problem suggested for the research and observe the case in detail. It is a plus if one is able to find out about the actual cause and effect of the problem on adjudication and solves this problem in the objective and fair way.

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