Case Study on Aggression

Aggression Case Study:

Aggression is a destructive type of behaviour which does not meet the required natural norms of the communication between people and causes harm and negative physiological and psychological effect to the victim of aggression.

Aggression always causes psychological discomfort, so it has always been important for people to research the problem from all sides and find the cause of the behaviour. There are many approaches which try to explain the origin of aggression and its impact on an individual and the society. This first approach analyzes aggression which is based on the antisocial aspects. This type of aggression is observed among the people who want to oppose the social and moral values and the structure of the human civilization; so they commit crimes and cause damage intentionally on purpose. Psychological approach to the research of aggression was worked out by numerous psychologists like Freud who proved that aggression is the instinctive trait of everyone which is released in the stressful situation generally as the protective reaction.

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There are approaches which focus on the purpose and consequences of aggression. Aggression is explained like the important and inherent factor which is required for the development of the human civilization and for an individual who wants to impose his leadership skills on others and gain everything he wants. The whole human history is the result of aggression, because all the wars and military conflicts and essential decisions were followed by aggression. There are basic factors which cause aggression and the most widespread and natural are: envy, jealousy, revenge, stress (caused by problems at work, love, life in the whole), depression, inclination to sadism and impulsiveness.Aggression has always been present in the human society and caused much harm, so it is important to investigate the topic well and understand the nature and cause and effect of this behaviour.

If a student is asked to complete aggression case study, he is expected to research the topic on aggression in general and only then focus on the solution of the direct limited problem.One should research the cause of the aggression and collect enough data to possess the reliable evidence for the research. Then one should analyze the effect of the problem and solve it professionally providing the effective methods and techniques which can be helpful in the defeat of aggression.The Internet is one of the best writing assistants for the students who do not know how to compose their case studies correctly. One can find a good free example case study on aggression in children and see how to organize the paper effectively on the direct model of writing. Moreover, it is possible to improve knowledge and writing skills with the help of a good free sample case study on aggression at workplace written by an expert.