Case Study on AJAX

AJAX Case Study:

AJAX is the approach towards the creation of the user interfaces of web applications which is based on the background (without interference and prevention of work of the systems) exchange of information between browser and web server. As a result, during the update of the data the entire web page is not reloaded and the web applications work faster and easier. AJAX is not a separate technology, but a concept of cooperation of several technologies, which are based on the work of the two major principles. The first one is the dynamic request to the server without the reboot of the whole web page. The second is the use of DHTML for the dynamic change of the web page’s content.

The term AJAX was first introduced to the general public in 2005 by Jesse James Garrett who called it the ultimate approach towards the web applications. On the other hand, the similar technologies have been already used by Microsoft in 1998 applying IFRAME HTML element, which appeared in Internet Explorer 3 in 1996. AJAX got its high popularity after the introduction of the technology into Google services, like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Suggest. Among the advantages of AJAX one can define the traffic economy (when one works with web applications, he does not have to reboot the whole page but simply the element which has changed); the reduction of the pressure on the server; the increase of the reaction of the interface and unlimited opportunities for the interactive processing.

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On the contrary, there are several disadvantages: the lack of integration with the browser’s standards; the necessity of the turned on JavaScript in browser, etc.The student is able to concentrate on the improvement of his knowledge about the functioning of web applications and AJAX case study will be the useful experience for him. First of all one should pay attention to the explanation of the structure and principles of work of AJAX technology, the history of its creation, the spheres of its use, its strong and weak sides. After that one can observe the cause of the suggested problem on AJAX and analyze its effect on the productiveness of the technology. The student is obliged to suggest his own solution to the issue in order to demonstrate his knowledge and creativity to the professor.

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