Case Study on Virtualization

Virtualization Case Study:

Virtualization is a term used in computing, which means the process of the presentation of the set of the computing resources and their logical connection which gives advantages over the original configuration.

It is a new virtual opinion about the resources of the components which are not limited by realization, computer hardware and geographic position. Generally, virtualized resources include computing power and databases. In the scientific language, virtualization is the isolation of the computing processes from one another. The examples of virtualization are the multiprocessing computer architectures, which use more than one processor. Operating systems are configured in such a way to make several processors work like the single processor module. That is why computer programs are written for the single logical virtual module, as it is easier than to work with a great number of various processor configurations.

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Virtualization can be used in various spheres.For example, in virtual machines, program systems, which emulate computer hardware of the certain platform (target and host) and operate programs for the target platform from the host platform. This emulation should be enough reliable to assure the host system to work well. Then, there is also visualization of servers: location of several logical servers in the frame of the single physical one (consolidation); unity of several physical servers into the logical one for the solution of the certain problem. Finally, virtualization can be used in the spectrum of computer resources and computer applications.

Virtualization is a useful process applied in computing, which enables the experts fulfil numerous tasks effectively. A well-analyzed virtualization case study is the paper which is aimed at the explanation and solution of the direct problem which has occurred in the field of virtualization and the student is expected to suggest the most reasonable solutions to the problem and demonstrate his critical thinking skills and knowledge. One should collect information about the case, improve knowledge on the problem of virtualization and study its core aspects and types and dwell on the cause and effect of the direct problem and make the appropriate conclusions. The student should evaluate the problem professionally and suggest the best solution on the basis of the scrupulous analysis of the acquired facts.Naturally, every student is weak at case study writing and in order to prepare the assignment well one can use the strong sides of the Internet and improve his chances to complete a successful paper himself.

A free example case study on VMware virtualization will be useful to give the general idea of the successful case study writing. The student can look through a free sample case study on server virtualization and learn to organize the paper well and learn about its major sectors and components.