Case Study on Hacking

Hacking Case Study:

Hacking is the kind of the kind of the computer crime which is associated with the stealth of information and damaging of the computer security systems. Today people in the age of information, and information is the most valuable resource, as a result a new type of crime appeared which is aimed to steal this valuable resource and use it for the personal benefit. The information is generally kept in the electronic variant and is stored on the servers which are accessed with the help of the computer networks. The individuals who use the computer technologies in order to get the illegal access to the information or to crack the security system of a network which contains servers with valuable information are called hackers.

Hacking is the crime which is applied by the criminals who take advantage of the information for the personal benefit and this benefit can touch upon various aspects. For example, the hacker cracks a certain server of a bank and learns about the personal accounts of the clients and steals money with the help of this information. Another uses the cracked information to learn about the hidden facts about the life of a certain person and blackmails her.Hacking is very popular in the sphere of big business, because very often businessmen carry out informational wars in order to learn about the opponent’s new production, the secrets of its production, etc. In addition, hacking is used to cause harm to the individual or the organization.

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For example, the hacker can attack the network with viruses and harmful programs which spoil the security system of the organization and leave it unprotected.Hacking is a widespread crime nowadays due to the rapid development of the computer technologies. In order to protect from hacking there are numerous brand new technologies which are updated every day, but very often it is difficult to stand the hacker’s attack effectively. A hacking case study is the research of the direct problem on hacking which is supposed to teach the student to analyze and solve the cases professionally. One is expected to learn about the cause and effect of hacking and then evaluate the whole impact of the hacker on the individual or the organization.The student should suggest the best ways out of the problem and summarize the case appropriately.

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