Fifty percent of all U.S.

adults have hacked within the past twelve months of May twenty-ninth of this year. Hacking is a worldwide problem. Hacking is a repercussion of all the technology we have today. Nearly every person in the world has some sort of technology whether it is the light they get from a lamp, or a smartphone. Technology has become a large part of everyday life. There are different types of hackers in this world.

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There are white hat, grey hat, and black hat hackers. A white hat hacker is an angel in the hacking world. They only hack for good. White hat hackers usually work on testing server’s integrity or testing how strong a firewall is. Grey hat hackers are the neutral hackers. They do not hack for good or for bad.

Although they can do either, but grey hat hackers usually only hack for fun.Black hat hackers hack with malicious forethought. Their goal is to gain unauthorized access to files or disrupt regular activity of computers and/or servers. When people think of hackers, they usually end up thinking in black hat hackers. Hacking is something that happens everyday. Half of all adults in the United States have hacked, whether it is white, grey, or black hat, they have hacked.

Pew Research did a survey and found that ninety-one percent of adults own a cellphone. That means that ninety-one percent of adults have the ability to hack, and can be hacked. Not everyone can hack, but those that can can deal a lot of damage with just a few clicks. Hacking has reached a whole new level, and it will grow just as fast, if not faster, than the security and technological advances that are made. Is technology growth really worth the dangers that are made? Shouldn’t we just spend more time trying to protect what we have now instead of trying to make something new?