Case Study on Bad Parenting

Bad Parenting Case Study:

Bad parenting is the complex of the behavioural models which affects the process of the child’s bringing up negatively. The issue can be called quite a relevant one, because it is very difficult to take care about the child in the right way and develop its psychological and physical health, the process of its socialization successfully.

The skill of parenting is developed slowly and one requires years to train this skill to the appropriate level. Bad parenting is often the disability to bring up the child according to the healthy and adequate models which can stimulate the child’s mental and physical development. Bad parenting is the result of poor knowledge about the child’s organism and psychology and lack of experience. The most common mistakes which are regarded as bad parenting are: abuse, lack of trust to the child, fear, strict discipline or shortage of discipline, etc.To begin with, many parents are afraid to provide their children with freedom, because they can putter and go about with difficult children and even join a street gang.

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Then, parents practise physical abuse towards their children believing that physical punishment can solve problems.Psychological abuse is even worse, because the child’s character becomes wounded and the child will have problems in future at work and education. Favouritism is a big mistake, because if one child is loved more than the other one, the latter will have serious problems with self-esteem and socialization. Poor discipline is a serious problem, because some parents think that if the child is permitted to do everything, it will be better for him. Of course, it is not right and the child will waste time, money and make many mistakes without the parent’s advice.

The problem of bad parenting is quite useful for the research, because the student is able to get to know about the mistakes made by parents and to think about the models which can improve the quality and effectiveness of bringing up. Finally, the case study can demonstrate the negative consequences of the bad parenting on the definite example suggested for the case. The student is supposed to reveal the cause of bad parenting and observe the effect of the unfavourable models of bringing up on the child’s psychology.In order to prepare a well-composed assignment, the student is able to look through a sensible and well-analyzed free example case study on bad parenting written by the talented and experienced writers who have spent much time on the research of the issue. With the assistance of a free sample case study on bad parenting one can learn to format the text well and construct the paper wisely.