Case Study on Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles Case Study:

A parenting style is the way parents bring up and treat their child. It does not worth mentioning that parents play the key role in the development of their child, formation of his world view, traits of character, preferences and his position in life. Only parents can provide a child with the basic information about the world and the social relations which will follow the child the whole his life.There are three main parenting styles which are characterized with their own set of methods and bring up approach.

The first on is the authoritarian style. This style is considered to be the oldest one, because years ago children were treated stricter. So, the style is characterized with high demand and little responsibility from the side of the parent.Parents expect their child to be the best one in everything, including studying, sports and family life.The child grows up in the unfriendly atmosphere and he is always told what to do and it often punished if he does not fulfill his duties.

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As a result the child is helpless and does not have enough life experience to take decisions himself. The next style is called the authoritative style. In this case parents also demand a lot from their child but they are responsible for it. They realize the abilities of their child and help him to cope with the set tasks. Moreover, they give the child enough independence to investigate the world himself, but the certain dose of control exists. The last style is called indulgent style.

Parents are not demanding and permit the child do everything he wants.Every parenting style has its advantages and disadvantages but it is obvious that a child should not be controlled all the time, nor he should be permitted to do all he wishes, that is why the most adequate parenting style is the authoritative one. A successful parenting styles case study is expected to be interesting, informative and logical. A student should research the case site, get to know the problem and think about its cause (if it is a child, it is a plus to interview him to collect data and learn him better) and weigh its effect. In the end a student is supposed to provide the professor with the reliable methods which can solve the suggested problem under analysis.

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