Parenting Styles

Introduction There are different parenting styles that are adopted by different parents in bringing up their children. A parenting style is a rational background representing typical strategies that parents engage Parenting Styles in their child rearing. There exist differing theories and opinions explaining the best ways to raise kids, as well as, conflicting levels of life and the quality efforts that parents are eager to spend. Thesis statement: The parenting style that one’s parents choose has an effect on the parenting style that one adopts in bringing their own kids either uniformly or differently. The paper explains the different parenting styles and how they influences or influence the manner in which on applies the parenting form on their kids and whether it will be similar or different from the parenting one received. Different parenting styles The most widely known theories of parenting style were explained by Diana Baumrind.

She figured that parents can be categorized into: authoritarian (those dictating to children exactly what they are to make), indulgent (those who allow their children to do anything they want),or authoritative (parents who provide rules and guidance without being domineering). Later on the theory was expanded to include negligent (parents who disregards their children, and focus on their other interests. Several ethical parenting styles have been put forward, some based on the totalitarian framework of firm obedience to scriptural mandate such as in the Bible, while others are based on empathy with the emotional situation of a youngster. What affects parenting styles parent.Control in simple terms means how much weight you exert over your child’s behavior. The question asked here is doing you have stunt set of laws that your child is required to comply with? The second influence is that of kindness which does not mean the extent of your affection for your child but quite how it is delivered.

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The other factor that influences the way one rears his children is the risk factor that they will be spoilt by either their peers or thus one adapts an authoritative style. There is also the issue of prior experiences from ones upbringing and research has shown that electing parents usually are the ones that came from families where they did not obtain any warm or carte from their own parent s and they end up doing the same to their parents. Generally at the end, as a parent your ambition is to create a joyful, vigorous, successful child and to achieve that goal you want to be the best parent can do. Will your parenting be similar and/or different than your own parent mode please explain The answer as to whether my parenting will be similar to that of my parents is highly doubtful and some agree that there is familiarity while others say there isn’t. Parents may not know that children imitate their behavior and what they say or do. The most disgusting thing that could happen is for children to psychologically tolerate from their parents’ disregard, fierceness, and wrong which can be disastrous in the emotional and cognitive development of children.

Conclusions In conclusion, it is argued that parents may involve different restorative techniques, parenting practices, and responsive methods that are influenced by the contexts of parenting, cultural beliefs, situational difficulties, and uniqueness of the child. The issue which has been addressed in the paper shows that because there are different parenting styles one chooses a way not because of choice but due to some factors one doesn’t influence.