Case Study on Church Conflict

Church Conflict Case Study:

Church conflict is the conflict which has occurred in the walls of a church and required solution by the church leader. It does not worth mentioning that conflict is a natural thing in the human society, because there are always various misunderstandings and personal ambitions of people who are not ready to cooperate with other people, but want to dominate and impose their opinion on others.When something of this sort occurs in church, the leader is supposed to calm the laypeople down in order to restore peace and serenity there.

There many reasons of conflicts and obviously, every kind of conflict requires specific solution, so the church leader should be enough mature to manage the conflict wisely. No wonder, in ancient times, if the leader was experienced and smart, the majority of the conflicts between laypeople and common people were managed in the walls of church, because the church was supposed to be the most objective court. There are three major stages of conflict resolution: desensitization, deliberation and decision. The first stage, desensitization is characterized with the special techniques and models of behaviour which calm the sides of the conflict down in order to cool their mind and prepare them to the following stage, called deliberation. This stage is a detailed and profound discussion of the roots and effect of the conflict. It is important to collect enough facts about the conflict from both sides in order to be able to find the compromise.

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The last stage is decision making. Here the church leader is expected to make a decision relying on the clues and arguments of both sides trying to satisfy them with the help of a compromise.Church conflict is a serious and specific topic for the research, because the student improves his knowledge about the human psychology, faith, religious traditions, conflict resolution and human relations. It is obvious that the student should learn about the principles of conflict management in a church and then get to the analysis of the definite case suggested by the professor. The young person is supposed to think about the cause and effect of the matter, evaluate the arguments of both sides of the church conflict and draw the right conclusion resolving the conflict efficiently.

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