Case Study on Conflict Management in Hotels

Conflict Management in Hotels Case Study:

Conflict management in hotels is the issue related with the resolution of conflicts in hotels which occur between clients and staff of the institution.

Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the hotel business the problem of conflicts has become very urgent and there are several reasons for it. First of all, the number of hotels in the world has increased enormously and the competition in this sector has become quite tense and hotels have to improve the quality of their services constantly if they want to attract clients and satisfy their needs. The modern hotel visitors are able to compare the quality of services and the prices in different hotels and decide whether they want to stay at a hotel for such a price. Evidently, many clients demand better service of the money they pay and various conflicts with the administration occur.Another reason of conflicts is the disability of the certain visitors to coexist with others. Very often visitors claim that their neighbour is too noisy and they will not live next to him because they have paid money to have a rest.

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The majority of conflicts still occur because of the poor quality of the service, for example, the absence of hot water, the TV-set of a refrigerator which is out of order, etc. All these slight problems can be solved easily if the administrator is a good psychologist and is good at communication with others. Every conflict can be solved if the manager turns on his communicative skills and speaks to the offended client suggesting the on time solution of the problem in the room or just suggesting moving to another room.Conflict management in hotels is an urgent problem which can be observed by the student who has decided to prepare a case study paper on the issue. One is expected to collect information about the hotel, its administration, the quality of the services, the clients’ feedback, etc. After that the student should focus on the arguments of the both sides of the conflicts, understand the conflict and then think about its reasonable solution.

It is wise to evaluate the strong and the weak sides of the argumentation of the sides of the conflict in order to draw the wise conclusion.The student can prepare a well-structured paper with the reasonable piece of advice of the free example case study on conflict management in hotels written by the smart and intelligent author. Obviously, it is wise to improve knowledge about the composition of the paper, its size, its formatting and other essential elements of the paper dwelling on the free sample case study on conflict management in hotels found online.