Case Study on Conflict

Conflict Case Study:

A conflict is the most radical solution of a certain problem or quarrel which appears among a group of people or the individuals who have denied finding any possible compromise. Evidently, every conflict is followed and controlled by negative emotions which are released during this process and very often they are far away from the moral norms and rules. Conflicts have always appeared in human life and the whole human civilization and history has been written on the basis of conflicts.

It is obvious that every historical event, revolution, considerable change is carried out due to a certain conflict, because the sides did not want to create a single reasonable way out or a compromise.There are many factors which cause a conflict, but the most important ones are the qualities or traits of character of the sides. For example, when a person has her own opinion concerning a definite question and she is sure that she is right, possessing high self esteem and egotistical traits of character, she will never agree to change her point of view on the question. Every conflict is the result of egoism, because every problem can be solved easily with the help of a compromise. The only factor is wish and respect of the other people’s opinion. Conflicts can be passive and active.

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The active conflict appears when the sides already know about their different points of view and avoid making a compromise. A passive conflict is often called the inner conflict and is characterised with low activity and the sides often do not express their negative attitude towards one another openly.Conflict is an important part of human life, because every day we face problems with stress which often causes conflicts. A well-analyzed case study is a profound research of the problem suggested for the investigation. A case study is a concrete problem on a definite conflict, so one has to read a lot on the topic and even devote time to interviewing the person who has experienced conflicts. The paper is expected to be interesting, provoke smart discussion and contain reliable up-to-date data which supports the student’s point of view.

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