Case Study on Peace and Conflict

Peace and Conflict Case Study:

Peace and conflict are the opposite phenomena which can characterize the social relations between two people, groups of people and the whole nations. It is natural that peace and conflicts have always existed in the human relations and these phenomena depend on numerous factors – political, economical, social, ethnical, religious and others. The slightest difference between people in appearance and worldview can cause serious conflicts which often grow into military conflicts called wars. Conflicts are always characterized with violence, anger, harm to the human health and life; moreover, they are associated with devastation and ruining.

On the other hand, without conflicts there would not be the human history, because nations gained their birth during wars and severe struggle for their future. Conflicts take place every day in certain parts of the world. Furthermore, there were two global wars, when the world was divided into two camps which fought against each other. It does not worth mentioning that the World Wars of the 20th century took millions of human lives and millions lost their homes and families. Peace is the opposite to conflict phenomenon and it is associated with the friendly or at least non-military relations which will not cause harm to the neighbour people and countries. Peace is always more preferable than conflict, because it is better to cooperate for the single aim and find a compromise than to live in constant stress, anger and fear with the risk to the human life and well-being.

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After the World Wars the global community strives to prevent further international conflicts and takes many efforts to maintain peace and security.Peace and conflict are the issues which can be called the most important factors of the successful human relations. The student is able to prepare a good case study which would reveal the problem of peace and conflict from all sides demonstrating the strong and the weak sides of both. When the young professional is suggested the issue for the analysis, he is expected to pay attention to the background of the problem in order to see the cause of the conflict and then think about the effect and evaluate the case from all sides dwelling on all the pros and cons. Finally, one has to resolve the conflict and generate the best idea to maintain peace in the case.

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