Case Study on Ecosystem

Ecosystem Case Study:

Ecosystem is a biological system which consists of the two main components: the live organisms and the environment where they live. There are complicated connections between these two components which enable the system exist as a single independent unity.Ecosystem is one of the core terms of ecology.

The most evident example of the ecosystem is the pond, which contains water plants, microorganisms, reptiles, fish of different kinds and sizes which coexist together and support the life of the whole pond, which provides them with the specific type of fresh water, the required temperature and chemical composition of the water essential for the life of various organisms. Another bright example of an ecosystem is the forest, which consists of numerous plants, especially trees and plants of the middle and low level providing homes for various animals, reptiles and birds.The term ecosystem appeared in the end of the 19th century when the profound investigations in this sphere began. It is obvious that ecosystem is an extremely complicated, independent, self-regulating, self-organizing and self-developing system. There are many ecosystems all over the world and every one can exist separately, because its structure is so perfect, that it can exist and function forever if there is no interference into it from the side of the various strange organisms, especially people.

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Naturally, if one of the components of ecosystem disappears, the whole system will be destroyed, because every element of the system has its own role (for example, it can be the food for other organisms).Ecosystem is an interesting topic for the research but the activity of the human beings causes harm to the natural environment, including ecosystems. Because of the harmful careless anthropological impact thousands of ecosystems have been destroyed and they probably can not be restored. In order to analyze the ecosystem case study the student should collect information about the chosen ecosystem, analyze its structure and core components and then focus on the problem which has occurred there. One is supposed to find out about the cause and effect of the problem and brainstorm the right solutions to the problem in order to demonstrate critical thinking skills and knowledge on ecosystems.The process of case study writing is quite complicated, because a student is supposed to know everything about the standards of writing and formatting of the text, so the Internet becomes quite helpful in this occasion.

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