Case Study on Effects of Technological Growth

The Effects of Technological Growth Case Study:

Technological growth is the gradual process characterized with the improvement of technologies of different kinds which improve the level of quality of life and productivity in all spheres of the human activity. Technological growth is possible due to the constant work of scientists, engineers and men of thought who brainstorm alternative solutions to the existing problems.

New technologies solve new problems and substitute the out-of-date technologies with the new solutions. The effects of technological growth are most often positive ones but everyone would agree that there are a few negative effects of new technologies on the human life. The most obvious negative sides of technological growth are unemployment and reduction of the level of life as a result. When the whole labour is automated and fulfilled by the machines, the human being will not be as useful as years ago and it would cause the problem of serious unemployment (which is even more increased by population growth).On the other hand, technological growth is the single smart solution of the existing problems in industry, agriculture, education, environmental protection, business, trade, etc.

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Naturally, technologies in health care will prolong the human life and help the humanity cure serious diseases which can not be cured now. With the improvement of technologies in transportation air and water pollution will be practically solved as the emissions of CO2 will be reduced. Then, technologies in energetics will solve the problem of energy supply, because the humanity substitutes the oil and gas energy with renewable energy (sun, water, wind energy, etc).Technological growth is an important process essential for the human civilization and it is smart to devote some time for the research of this issue. The student can read about the perspectives of technological growth in different spheres of the human life and observe the effects of this growth in different countries. One can think about the necessity and cause of technological growth in the selected spheres of the human activity and then evaluate the effect relying on the received information in the reliable sources.

Finally, the student’s job is to think about the positive and negative effects of technological growth and share his personal ideas about the solution of the suggested by the professor issue.The student is able to prepare a high quality case study if he follows the advice of the well-formatted case study on effects of technological growth written by the well-educated expert in this field. The young person has the opportunity to look through the free sample case study on effects of technological growth with its correct structure, format, selection of the methodology and the right approach towards the analysis of the issue.