Case Study on EIA

EIA Case Study:

Environmental Impact Assessment is the assessment of the influence of the certain objects on the environment of the planet and this criterion is very important in the modern business in the process of production. Nowadays people have started to think about their impact on the ecological situation of the planet and understood that industry and production of the certain goods is extremely harmful for the nature.

In order to reduce the harmful impact on the environment the international organizations which care about the environmental issues have decided to set the strict control over the materials, way of production and methodology of production of the certain goods. In addition there are numerous vast projects (building of dams, reservoirs, drainage of wetlands, etc), which can destroy the ecosystem of the chosen area. In fact, EIA generally touches upon the products made by humans and is aimed to regulate the quality of these products and check their impact on the natural environment.The international standards of EIA check the company which produces certain goods attentively and studies the technology, the materials used for the production and their probable impact on the human health and the environment. If the product does not meet the requirements of the standard it is not permitted for the further production and the owner will have to change the technology and the structure of the product.

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Unfortunately, the standards of EIA are spread only in the developed countries and the countries of the third world and numerous companies in the developed countries just try to avoid the improvement of their technologies, because most often harmful production is cheaper than the safe one.EIA is the instrument of the reasonable improvement of the environmental situation on the planet and students will find many interesting things useful for the analysis. Writing an EIA case study the student should collect the trustworthy arguments and facts which describe the purpose and methodology of functioning of the EIA. One can observe the quality of the assessment on the examples of the cases taken from the real life and define what countries follow the instrument and what countries and sectors of the market avoid following it. Finally, the student can share his ideas about the usefulness of the EIA and the problems it faces nowadays.

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