Case Study on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Case Study:

Emotional intelligence is a group of mental qualities that help one understand his own emotions and emotions of the surrounding people.

People who possess emotional intelligence are able to understand emotions of other people. Moreover, they can control their own emotional sphere. It helps them conform to the changes of social environment and achieve their goal easier as they are able to communicate with other people better. It is obvious that emotional intelligence is a very helpful quality, because it enables one to gain favorable occupation and career ladder promotion.Emotional intelligence is important in different spheres of human life. First, in education.

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When a teacher understands emotions of his students, he will find the best approach towards them. He will be able to make them interested in his subject, and their knowledge will be quite solid. Secondly, it is business.When one understands emotional background of his employees, colleagues and customers, he will be able to find the right approach towards them and will surely receive their credit and respect. It is possible to define several interconnected components that influence one’s emotional intelligence. They are self-understanding (understanding of your own emotions), communicative potential (empathy, social responsibility), adaptive skills (ability to solve problems and overcome challenges), anti-stress potential (self-control) and general mood (optimism).

Emotional intelligence helps one understand his own emotions. Consequently, he understands all his troubles and knows how to cope with them efficiently.Moreover, such people possess self-respect and self-consciousness and they are able to control their mood and cope with stress effectively. Furthermore, this quality helps one obtain leadership skills and persuasive skills. Finally, he is able to motivate himself and other people to do their duties well.Emotional intelligence is an interesting subject for research for every student who wants to develop his knowledge in the field of psychology, management and business.

If you are asked to prepare a good case study, you should read a few up-to-date articles in order to understand the meaning of emotional intelligence. Then, you ought to pay attention to the main components of emotional intelligence and explain them in detail. You should research the suggested case sight, get to know about the cause and effect of the mentioned problem and think about the solution of this problem. Try to be creative and invent a few alternative solutions of your problem.The Internet is the best helper with case study writing and you are able to read a few articles and sample papers that will clarify how to complete your assignment correctly. It is smart to look through a free university case study example on emotional intelligence at workplace and improve your knowledge about the process of writing.