Emotional Intelligence to Be a Real Leader

Finding the Emotional Intelligence to be a Real Leader. 1 . In my opinion, during her assignment in Southeast Asia Kathy lacked emotional intelligence. She is a great project manager, therefore she is motivated to do a good bib and receive credit for a Job well done. Unfortunately for her, being over motivated has caused her many troubles with the group of her subordinates.

Kathy wanted to succeed so much that she overloaded her Juniors with work.

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They worked on Knees and on working days they had literally no time to sleep. In response to that, her team members started to show resistance and project success faced a threat of failing. In this situation Kathy showed that she lacks Social Skills to be a real leader. She couldn’t communicate with her subordinates and that resulted into fights and misunderstanding.

If Kathy talked to her subordinates about working to much, the project might have succeeded but unfortunately it didn’t. 2. I think that out of five key elements of an effective real leader, Kathy showed her motivation and self-awareness.

In her previous projects Kathy has shown that she is alienated project manager and the Asian project was a chance to demonstrate her true potential in front of upper level managers. Throughout the project Kathy showed that she is really motivated to succeed and wanted the project to be successful.

In the first paragraph of the case study it is written that she is well organized. As for me, being organized is close to being self aware of you’re your own weaknesses and strengths. Overall, Kathy is a good project manager, but due to lack of social skills and empathy she couldn’t succeed and get approval from top managers of the company.