Emotional Intelligence of Students

Mental Health Programme for College Students – An Experiment. Dr. Kirti Matliwala Lecturer Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education, (M.

Ed. ), Surat. Abstract: College students may have the best time of their life in the college but nowadays life has become complex, students face different types of mental health issues which are directly related to stress factor.Even if students are capable, constant pressure about carrier, academic work & social life lead them to depression. This situation can be overcome, if a student learns how to cope-up with stress. In present study researcher has made mental health programme ( MHP ) for college students & implemented it for 42 days to M.

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Ed. students & got opinion about the effectiveness of it. The results reveal that through mental health programme, students became relax, could concentrate well, their understanding were improved & they suggested that this programme should be applied in every education institutes.Mental Health Programme for College Students – An Experiment Dr. Kirti Matliwala Introduction Life today has become increasingly complex and tension ridden.

It is the era of speed, rapid changes, never ending wishes and desires, which sometimes results in stress anxiety, negativity and depression. When we think about college students, they may have the best time of their life in the college. During this period they have chance for maximum personal growth which will be used for whole life. For that they have to cope up well with the challenges of college environment.But the student who can not do that may be more at the risk of sadness, depression.

College students face mental health issues which are directly related to stress factor. Actually they are under all different types of pressure all the time whether it is the pressure to do well in tests or to do academic work or to maintain social life. If student gets failed in any of this area that can let him down, which will ultimately lead to some type of depression. Even if students are capable, constant pressure and stress can lead to depression. Anxiety is also a common mental health issue for college students.

They feel that they have no enough time to do thing, leading them to constantly think that they are behind in the race or they should do more efforts in their study etc. This anxiety may be always in the back of their mind, as the pressures and stress begin to build up. This situation can be over come, if a student understands how stress occurs, how its adverse effect may damage him physiologically and emotionally and how he can cope up with stress. The awareness of stress and its control is the primary focus of stress management. (Charlesworth and Nathan, 1982, Gherman,1981).As a lecturer, researcher have seen different types of mental health issues such as anxiety, fear, depression, lack of confidence, stress etc.

in college students. If student wants to achieve his goal, he should be mentally healthy person. Mentally healthy person is one who is happy, lives peacefully with neighbors, makes his children healthy citizens and after fulfilling such basic responsibilities is still empowered with sufficient strength to serve the cause of the society in any way . (Lewkar,1949). Mental health is the ability which helps us to seek adjustment in the difficult situation of our life (Cutts and mostlay,1941) .If students are able to cope with different challenges then college can become the fulfilling experience for them.

In present paper researcher has applied self made mental health programme to M. Ed. students for 42 days and try to find out effectiveness of it on mental health issues of college students. Objective The main objective of the present investigation was to design & try out the mental health programme (MHP) for college students and to study the opinions of college students with regards to an effectiveness of mental health programme.The results of the research carried out in the field will help educationists and administrators to take appropriate steps to improve mental health of college students.

Limitation This study was conducted on 35 M. Ed. students only. MHP (Mental health programme) was self made and it was applied for 42 days only. For data collection researcher has used self made questionnaire only. Method An experiment based survey approach was adopted for the present research.

Sample In present study researcher has made mental health programme (MHP) for college students.To apply MHP 42 days were needed, so by using a purposive sampling technique researcher has selected Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education, M. Ed. for her study. All 35 students of the college were included in it.

Tools Two types of tools were used, (1) Mental health programme (MHP) which includes – Aumkar, Aum-tat-sat technique, expansion of conciousness technique and computer programme on mental health. (2) questionnaire which contains 43 questions regarding an effectiveness of MHP. Procedure Researcher explained mental health issues to M. Ed. students and showed computer programme about mental health.She tought them Aumkar, Aum-tat-sat technique and Expansion of conciousness technique, students did these three techniques in college and at home for 42 days.

It required only 10-15 minutes. After finishing this MHP (Mental health programme), researcher took opinions about the effectiveness of MHP from M. Ed. students. Data Analysis of students’ Responses The data analysis was carried out on the basis of objectives of the study by employing appropriate statistical techniques.

In each table the items were arranged in descending order and not in the order followed in the questionnaire for clarity.Later the results were interpreted and conclusions were drawn. Table-1 About MHP techniques MHP TechniquesLike it (in percentage)Do it at home (in percentage) Technique-1 (Aumkar)100%60% Technique-2 (Aum-tat-sat)71. 43%51. 43% Technique-3 (Expansion of conciousness)91.

43%00 Table-1 shows that students liked all techniques They did techniques in college but 60%of the students did aumkar at home and 51. 43% of the students did aum-tat-sat technique at home, Not a single student spent time for technique-3 at home. The results reveals that all students liked mental health programme-techniques, they did all techniques in college but not at home.Table-2 Reasons for not doing all techniques. S.

No. Reasons Percentage of students’ responses 1Have no time68. 57% 2Forget it42. 86% 3Have no space11. 43% 4Lots of other works40% 5Dislike to do at home5. 71% Table-2 shows that students have different reason for not doing all techniques at home.

Maximum students have no time at home and 42. 86% of the students forget to do. The results reveals that main reasons for not doing all techniques at home were students have no time, they forget to do and have lots of other work & no space at home.Table-3 Effect of Mental health programme. S. No.

EffectPercentage of students responses 1Feel relax80% 2Concentrate well77. 14% 3Tension free71. 43% 4Become confident68. 57% 5Anxiety decrease60% 6Control on emotions 57. 14% 7Calmness51.

43% 8Feel happiness40% 9Improve reading-writing37. 14% 10Inner satisfaction20% 11Get thoughtless state17. 14% 12Develop patience17. 14% Table-3 shows that 80% of the students feel relax ,77. 14% of students can concentrate well ,71.

43% of the students become tension free, 60% of the students anxiety was reduced by applying Mental Health Programme.They got control over their emotions & feel calm & happy by MHP. The results reveal that Mental Health Programme was so effective for students. Majority of the students feel relax concentrate well &tension free. Their anxiety disappeared and they got controlled over their emotions, feel calm & happy by Mental Health Programme.

Table-4 Experience while doing MHP techniques before teaching S. No. Experience Percentage of students’ responses 1Ready for learning85. 71% 2Concentrate well77. 14% 3Mind becomes calm77. 14% 4Understand well60% 5Get new ideas easily57.

14% 6Joyful learning54. 9% 7Remember well54. 29% 8Interesting learning54. 29% Table-4 shows that 85. 71% of the students became ready for learning by MHP. 77.

14% of student could concentrate well ; their mind became cool while they did MHP techniques before teaching. By MHP students’ understanding were improved and they got new ideas easily. The results reveals that Mental Health Programme is useful for students because by doing techniques they experienced the things like-They were ready for learning, they could concentrate well ,they felt calm & relaxed & their learning became more joyful & interesting.Table-5 Opinions about implementation of MHP in education system. S.

No. OpinionPercentage of students’ responses 1It helps students so it should be adopted in schools ; Colleges. 88. 57% 2Every teacher should implement it. 82.

86% 3Students’ fear will be removed, so they will become more confident. 80. 00% 4Students will become more active. 77. 14% 5Students’ mind become cool so they like learning.

77. 14% 6It develops students personality. 74. 29% 7Class room climate will become more lively . 74. 29% 8Suicidal tendency will be reduced.

71. 43% It gives life oriented education. 68. 57% 10Spritual value can be developed. 45. 71% 11Students’ attitude towards life & education will become positive.

45. 71% 12Students will be more creative. 42. 86% Table-5 shows that majority of the students (88. 57%) believed that MHP should be adopted in schools & colleges. 82.

86% of the students said that every teacher should applied MHP in class room & 80% said that students fear will be reduced & they would become confident. 77. 14% of students responded that by MHP students’ mind will be cool ; they will become more active.The results reveals that students feel that MHP is more effective ; it should be implemented in schools ; colleges by all teachers. Though MHP we can make students more active ; classroom will become lively, their personality can be developed. They also felt that suicidal tendency may be reduced by MHP ; education will become life oriented.

Conclusion Majority of students felt that Mental Health Programme was very effective ; useful. It made them relax, tension free, calm ; happy, they could concentrate well. Students suggested that MHP should be implemented in educational institutes.We know that education is for overall development to achive this goal we should introduce mental health techniques in our education system. Thus our education can be life oriented.